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Husband Opposes Persecution of Practitioners and Benefits Greatly

June 12, 2012 |   By Hanmei, a practitioner in Inner Mongolia

(Minghui.org) Out of a family of five, four of us are Falun Dafa practitioners: three children and I, but not my husband. Although he does not cultivate, his righteous thoughts are very strong. Despite the persecution he protects Falun Dafa at critical moments. Because of this, Master protects him and he escaped danger several times.

I want to share some incidents with practitioners, so they can witness the infinite grace of Master and witness the virtue of Dafa. At the same time I hope that this article will be part of history for people in the future.

1. Person in Charge of the Assistance Center and My Son Went to Beijing to Appeal

Since July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has persecuted practitioners relentlessly. One night in October of 1999, a group of policemen from the local police station broke into the house of practitioner C, who was the person in charge of the assistance center at that time. The police asked practitioner C for the keys to his closet. Practitioner C said that the key was in the back room and he would get it. In the back room there is a small window, which is just big enough for one person to escape. He jumped from this window to the yard and escaped. After a while, the police noticed his absence and became furious. They imposed martial law on the entire county and started to hunt for him. They positioned policemen on each exit to other counties and issued an arrest warrant in many other counties nearby for practitioner C. They even sent people to stay in a small abandoned room on the road at the back of our house.

Around 8 or 9 p.m. the next day, practitioner C arrived at my house. Because my house is over 40 miles past that county, we were very surprised and asked him what happened. At that time only my second son, my husband and I were at home. Practitioner C said that he couldn't stay for long because of the martial law. He had walked through abandoned fields and he needed to leave for Beijing.

My husband told him, "You can't take a bus. You can rest here tonight. Tomorrow, I will lend you my horse carriage. You are all-alone, so my second son will go with you. My second son was also a practitioner and 19 years old. He was very happy to go. So, the next morning, my husband took them to another county and only returned after they had stepped on the train to Guyuan, Hebei. On his way back, he saw a stranger that he took to Huangqi. When he returned home, it was already night. The practitioner's escape caused a great shock to the local authorities. They thought that everything was so heavily guarded and practitioner C couldn't escape even if he had a pair of wings. But they never thought that he would travel to Beijing.

Not long after this incident, I was arrested and taken to a detention center. The security officials asked me about this incident. At that time I thought that to cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" required one to be truthful. So I told them that we had helped the practitioner. One official named Ma, who was responsible for one crossing located to the north of our village said, "There were guards everywhere, how did he get away?" I said, "My husband took him on dirt roads on his horse carriage." He was at loss of words as he acknowledged his failure.

Before I was released, they arrested my husband and took him to the county police station. Ma, the head of the police, questioned him. He asked, "Did you help C escape?" My husband said "Yes." Ma then asked him why he helped C? My husband said, "Because he is not a bad guy. He is a good person , but if he were a murderer, even if you asked me to help him, I wouldn't. He is one of the most well-known and best English teachers in our county, a talent difficult to get. Many of his students were successfully enrolled at universities because of him. You try to arrest such a useful person. I'm a peasant who doesn't have any ability. Arrest me and release him." After saying this, my husband saw that Ma's face was covered with tears, which were dropping on the paper in front of him. Then he asked my husband to put his thumb-print on the paper and said, "Take a seat for a while. I have to leave for a moment. Half an hour later he came back and said to my husband, "It's ok now, you can leave." Later, when my husband recalled this incident, he said that he had a feeling of righteousness at that time.

2. Husband Demands Wife's Release from Detention Center

In June 2000, because my righteous thoughts were not strong and my understanding of the Fa was sketchy, I was again arrested and taken to a detention center. This time I went on a hunger strike the minute I arrived. On the fourth day, my husband went to the county detention center, riding a horse, demanding my release. He went straight to the center's office. There were quite a number of people in that office. Chen and Li, captains in the State Security Department, the two that arrested me were also there. My husband then demanded my release.

He told them about the many illnesses I suffered before practicing Falun Gong and that I certainly didn't break any law. My husband said, "You are holding her in the detention center and making her sleep on a hard board which is very wet due to the humidity. What if her disease comes back? Are you going to pay for her treatments? If she dies, are you going to buy her coffin?"

After he stopped talking, Chen, a big guy, stood up and tried to kick him, while uttering dirty words. My husband told him not to kick him or he would have to suffer the consequences. My husband raised his right arm and caught Chen's foot. Then he pushed hard, holding Chen's leg. Chen tried to step back but fell to the ground. Then the two began to fight. Everyone ran out of the room. Li screamed while running, "Unbelievable, Wang is going wild. Hurry! Go and handcuff him." But no one handcuffed my husband. It's Master who protected him and saved him from any harm.

After a while, several people came and separated them. Two security officials who were a little bit older asked my husband to come to another room. After they talked to him for a while, they told him to go home. The next morning at 8 a.m., Chen and Li went to the cell where I was held. They told me that I would be taken to a hospital and have an infusion. I told them that I would not go. They asked me to eat. I said I don't want to eat and I will not eat. Then they left. Around noon, the head of the detention center told me to leave. I thought he was asking me to go to the hospital for an infusion, so I told them that I would not go to the hospital. He smiled and said, "We are now releasing you. Your son is here to pick you up." I returned home on the fifth day because of my husband's noble action of standing up for justice.

3. Being Afraid of Righteous Practitioners

In 2000, director Wang of the 610 Office, several people and a former practitioner came to our village to transform practitioners. I was not at home. They told my husband to come along too. My husband told them, "The practitioners are not doing anything wrong in cultivating Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. They didn't break any law. Why are you here?” At this moment several practitioners began to praise the beauty of Falun Dafa and the wrongfulness perpetrated by the government. These people couldn't take it any more, got in the car and drove away.

4. Firmly Rebuffing the Evil

Since the onset of the persecution and suppression, my house has been ransacked and we have been harassed over and over again. My husband rebuffed the bad people every time. Once, Liu, the secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee at the local government came with 8 to 9 people to ransack my house. My husband grabbed the chopping knife and wanted to fight them to the death. They pressed him to the ground and took the knife. Liu's hand was cut and kept bleeding. Among these people two met my neighbor outside the gate. They told her that my husband committed a crime by attacking them with a knife and he would be arrested. My neighbor told them, "You can't arrest him. His wife is in a labor camp and he is all alone, as his kids are also gone. He doesn't know how to cook. He had flour ball soup literally every day. Sometimes he laughs and sometimes he cries. He is almost insane." Then, they left, taking the knife with them. As a matter of fact, Master used the mouth of my neighbor, an ordinary person, to protect my husband.

Since the onset of the persecution, the CCP requires a second identification card. People from the county government came to the village committee to take pictures. I was not sure whether to let them take a picture or not. My husband said firmly, "Let's go. We will work in the fields. Let's not cooperate. We will not take the pictures. After all we are old now. In this case we only get a supplementary identification card."

In about 2003, the village asked every family to sign up for the co-op health care and to register at the village committee. Li, the head of the village, was there. All families needed to register. It was my family's turn. My husband said, "Our entire family practices Falun Gong. We are healthy and thus don't take any medicine. What's the point of joining the co-op health care? We won't join. Later, Li said, "Wang, then you can join by yourself." My husband registered for the co-op health care. All families joined as a family, only our family was exempt.

5. Hanging a Banner

Before the persecution started in 1999, I stopped working and went around to promote Falun Gong. After the persecution started, my two sons and I went to Beijing to ask for justice for Falun Gong. My husband never stopped us. He watched, but didn't stop me from preparing and hanging banners and distributing truth clarification flyers. When I was in the labor camp, one family in a neighboring village held a wedding reception, which he attended. After the banquet, Jiang, the host, told my husband, “I took down two banners and brought them with me when I tended sheep on the road.” My husband told him, "It isn't right for you to remove them. It's used by Falun Gong to promote the Fa. It's bad for you if you remove them. Please, do not remove any banners in the future." Jiang said, "Since your family practices Falun Gong, I'll give these two banners to you." My husband agreed. My husband took the two banners and walked home. On the way he was thinking, what will I do with them after I return home? I should hang them! Then he hung one on an electrical pole and walked towards the east for a while until he found another pole to hang the other banner. When he came back home, it was already after 10 p.m. Later when he talked about this incident, I told him, "You did something good. All the Gods were watching you. You will receive benefit from this action."

6. Escaping Five Roll-over Accidents Without Harm

In 2005, our family bought a tractor. My husband was too old to learn how to drive it well and thus rolled-over five times. But he was not hurt at all.

Once in autumn 2007, he transported the wheat from a very far place to our home. It was raining that day. Before he left he had had a lot to drink and was drunk. He wanted to speed up to get home sooner and stepped on the gas. He thought the tractor was too slow. Then he switched to the faster gear. With this, the tractor became uncontrollable. He was afraid and muddle-headed, and thought of stepping on the brake. But, I believe that he stepped on the gas pedal. He remembered that there was a huge noise and the tractor rolled over. The wheat was all over the road. He can't remember what happened after the tractor rolled over. After a little while his mind cleared and he realized that he was sitting on the ground about ten feet away from the tractor. The tractor was upside down with the engine still running. He got up and turned it off. He was not hurt, not even a scratch could be seen. The villagers were so amazed. Some people said, “You are blessed because your entire family is practicing Falun Gong.” It's Master who saved his life again.

He only had several years of primary school education, but his memory is very good. When we studied the Fa at home, sometimes we recite Master's Hong Yin. He would listen and remembered quite a lot for years. He still can recite several sentences from Hong Yin.

When he meets someone he clarifies the facts about Falun Gong and encourages people to quit the CCP, youth league and young pioneers. When he met someone who was sick, he would encourage them to practice Falun Gong. Because he does these things, he also benefits from Dafa.

We hold great gratitude toward our great Master.

Please kindly point out anything in my understanding that is not in accordance with the Fa.