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People Are Blessed for Their Kind Deeds

June 05, 2013 |   By practitioners in China

(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted by the Chinese Community Party (CCP) for 14 years. Many Chinese people have gradually understood what Falun Gong is about and they no longer believe the CCP's slander against Falun Gong. They support Falun Gong according to their own conscience. As documented below, these people's kindness has met with blessings.

Teacher Rescued Me

I am a government official. Before the persecution, I had seen Teacher and listened to Teacher’s lectures for two hours. I still remember that experience very well.

In 2002, I went to the hospital to seek medical treatment for rectal cancer. At that time, Falun Gong practitioners were persecuted severely. There was a Falun Gong practitioner I knew who was detained and the CCP attempted to incriminate her. I felt that I should stand up for what was right, so I wrote a testimony, proving that she was at my house all day and appeared in court to defend her innocence. As a result, she was released and hence was not sentenced to jail. After that, my cancer disappeared completely. I'm now a healthy person.

I'm not a Dafa practitioner, but I admire Dafa. When Dafa disciples were being persecuted, I protected them according to my conscience, I was blessed. Thank you, Dafa, thank you, Teacher!

Uncle Blessed by Dafa

My uncle does not practice Falun Dafa, but he supports my aunt who is a Falun Gong practitioner. When the persecution started, he chose to follow his conscience, not the will of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He directed practitioners to the places where they could distribute Dafa materials. Sometimes he distributed Dafa materials himself. He also provided help to practitioners who were unable to stay at their own homes because of the persecution.

Once, during the New Year, a policeman harassed my aunt at her house. My uncle replied sternly: "What’s wrong with Falun Gong? If everybody is as good as Falun Gong practitioners, then our country would be great. If you won't let me have a good new year, then I won't let you have a good one either!" The policeman left and never came back again.

Last year, my uncle accidentally fell and seriously injured his head, he was sent to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said: “There is no hope at all, even if the rescue is successful, he won't live long.” As a matter of fact, he regained consciousness half a month later after the surgery, the doctors were surprised. They had never seen anything like this. It was a miracle.

My uncle is now in a good health. Many people think my uncle is blessed by Dafa.

Everything Goes Well with Her Family

In 2007, I was arrested for my belief in Falun Gong and taken to a detention center, where I met a woman who lives in Jilin province. She had financial difficulties when she was back home. She came to me for help and I lent her 1500 yuan and gave her a lot of old clothes. She was very grateful. I told her about Dafa and she really believed it and quit the CCP.

Her sister has a hotel business, so she often goes there to help out when she has spare time. After learning of that, I went there and gave her some Dafa materials. I hoped that she would pass out the materials to others and said to her that introducing Dafa is a good thing to do for others and is good for her as well. She accepted the Dafa materials.

Since she started passing out Dafa materials, everything has been going well with her family. Her son was accepted by a top university.

A few days ago, she saw me and told me: "There is a magical thing that I have to tell you about: This summer, the weather was so bad; days of rain and wind ruined all the crops in my neighborhood except mine. I said to her, “Since you've introduced Dafa and passed out those materials to others, you did a great thing and were blessed.” She smiled.