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The Story of the Persecution of Mr. Jia Guanglin

June 05, 2013 |   By Minghui correspondent in Inner Mongolia, China


Arrest and Detention

Mr. Jia Guanglin is a Falun Gong practitioner who has been illegally imprisoned at the Yuanbaoshan Detention Center since January 13, 2013. After 3 months of persecution instigated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he is in extremely poor health.

At around 10 a.m. on January 16, 2013, Jia Guanglin was taken to court in Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng City. During the court session, the public security office, procuratorate and judiciary conspired to sentence Mr. Jia for crimes he didn't commit. They falsified evidence of crimes to frame him. The hearing ended after one hour and he was told to wait two weeks for the decision. He was informed of the possibility of a 3-5 year sentence.

Mr. Jia became healthy and disease-free after he started practicing Falun Gong. However, because of the abuse he has endured for the past several months, he experienced a relapse of his old diseases. His family is very worried about his life and safety. We call for assistance from all kind and just people to help set Mr. Jia free.

Rescued by Falun Gong

Mr. Jia Guanglin, 60 years old, is from Jianchangying village, Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng City. Before he practiced Falun Gong, he had severe tracheitis and emphysema. He had to take medicine every day and get injections every month. Many people died from these same diseases, but Mr. Jia became healthy after taking up Falun Gong.

Mr. Jia started practicing Falun Gong in 1996 and has faithfully followed the principles of Dafa. He is a well-known as a good person in his village. Before learning Falun Gong, he was an alcoholic who was rude, bitter and drunk all the time. He frequently argued loudly with his wife at their home, and the family almost split up. When he obtained Dafa, he quit drinking and his family life became harmonious. Mr. Jia got along well with his neighbors and always helped others whenever he could without expecting payment. He became such a good person, however, he was persecuted so severely that he has has become extremely weak and cannot walk.

Extortion Attempts by Police

Cui Lixin, the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau at Yuanbaoshan District, and Wang Heran and Feng Xiaohu from the National Security Team are the three main culprits involved in the persecution of Mr. Jia Guanglin. Zhang Haiyan, at the Detention Center, ordered the abuse which led to Mr. Jia’s severe health problems. He was not only tortured, body and mind, but in addition Mr. Jia's son was blackmailed. The evil authorities told his son, “Your father asked that you bring money to pay some fines for him.” When they heard that he didn’t have any money, they then told Mr. Jia's son that they wouldn’t let his father go even if he did bring the money.

After Mr. Jia was arrested, he did not receive any of the money sent by his family. The family is trying to find out what happened to the money.

Officers Involved in Persecuting Mr. Jia:

Here is a list of phone numbers for related officials:

Zhang Chunru (Secretary of Politics and Law Committee): 86-476-3512684, 86-18804762998
Kang Jinyu (the former Secretary of Politics and Law Committee, now deputy secretary of the district committee): 86-476-3511099, 86-13848066336

610 Office:
Wang Shiju (Head): 86-476-3510430, 86-15847325843
Niu Jianping (Deputy Head): 86-476-3516269, 86-15804862988
Yang Shuqing: 86-476-3523656, 86-476-3531226, 86-13604762199
Bai Zhenguo: 86-476-3516269, 86-476-3532680, 86-13904762145