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Practitioner Recalls Seeing Master at the Beijing Fa Conference in November 1996

February 15, 2014 |   By a practitioner from Beijing, China

(Minghui.org) I left Master's hometown of Changchun City in Northern China at the end of 1994 and moved to Beijing due to my work. I was very sad, as I was afraid that I might not be able to see Master again. I kept asking myself, “Why do I have to go to Beijing. Why do I have to leave here?”

I didn't want to live too far away from Master and leave the environment I was familiar with. Maybe I was too attached to it.

When I arrived in Beijing problems originating from my family kept causing me tribulations. I found it very difficult to endure them, even though I tried to act in accordance with the Fa. I was always in tears, just waiting for the hardships to end. I suffered for a year like this. Eventually, I understood the reasons for these tribulations and finally got rid of my attachments. I felt a big relief after I passed this test.

Master foretold my big change

I will forever remember the date November 2, 1996. It was my first time to attend such a large scale international Fa conference at Ditan Park in Beijing. What made it so memorable was that Master attended.

Ditan Park is very beautiful, with old traditional buildings. There are two halls in the auditorium. Western practitioners sat in one hall and Chinese practitioners were in the other hall.

Suddenly, someone shouted: “Master is coming!” We immediately stood up and looked towards the entrance. Master was smiling and waving at us as He walked towards the front.

Then, Master saw me. I hurried to shake hands with Master. I was so excited and held Master's hand with both hands. Master took me aside, lowered his head and asked, “How are you doing?” I was so delighted to see Master again, that I was at a loss for words. Master was waiting for my answer with His head still lowered. The whole auditorium went silent. I thought I must answer Master's question. I briefly told Master how I passed my big tribulation. Master then said, “I knew that.” I didn't know what else to say. Master added, “You will have a big change soon.”

Master then lifted his head and began to wave to the practitioners again. I just stood next to Master and applauded enthusiastically. Master then moved forward a few steps and said to me again, “Soon you will have a big change.” I looked at Master and seemed to understand, but I didn't.

Master continued to move forward, waving to practitioners. He walked a little further and then stopped. Master pointed at me and said: “You will soon have a big change.” I didn't know what kind of change I was going to have, but I thought it must be a good thing, because Master's words are Fa. I thought I would understand later even though I didn't understand right now.

After listening to Master's lecture I gained a greater understanding and my realm was elevated as well.

Experiencing hardship due to karma

I met Master again at a Fa conference in Beijing in 1997, where Master gave a lecture to assistants from different regions in Beijing. Lots of practitioners attended. Master asked the assistants there to take responsibility for the exercise sites and stressed that we must study the Fa more.

I sat by the table not too far from Master, but my mind wandered while Master was giving the lecture. I was thinking: Why is my cultivation so hard? Why is my cultivation different from others? Master seemed to know what was on my mind. He glanced at me and suddenly changed the topic, and said calmly, “I know someone who cultivates very hard. But how can it be alright if it isn't hard? Look at the things you did in history, what can I do?”

I understood immediately what Master said and had tears in my eyes. Master told me that all the suffering I experienced had reasons that led to it. I don't know what terrible things I had done in my past lives, nor how hard I made people's lives in history. But that is why my life is hard. I felt ashamed of my past, and felt guilty that I couldn't even bear that little bit of my own tribulations. I didn't genuinely understand the Fa from the Fa. That is why I found my life to be so hard.

Master has explained the Fa very clearly, but when I really experienced tribulations, my mind wasn't that clear. If Master hadn't removed the majority of my karma, what I went through wouldn't be that little bit of suffering, as I'm sure my life would have ended a long time ago. All the tribulations I experienced was the result of my karma. I have got to pay them off. How can it be alright if I don't suffer.

Recalling Master's saving grace and remembering Master's benevolence, how lucky am I to meet Master in this lifetime? I know that Master doesn't want anything from us. Master only wants us to be diligent, achieve consummation and return to our origins.

Recalling the times with Master, listening to Master giving lectures in person, how lucky I am. Now I only ask myself to do what Master asks us to do. I will do the three things well. I shall cultivate just as I did when I started cultivation and be diligent. I will try to save more people and cherish every extra minute Master has given us.