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Why I Believe that Respect for Falun Dafa Can Bring Good Fortune

August 30, 2014 |   By a Chinese person living outside China

(Minghui.org) I'm not a Falun Dafa practitioner but I believe that the practice is good and believe and have come to learn that I should repeat the phrases “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion and Forbearance is good” whenever I face danger.

I hope that others might come to the same understanding and repeat these words to help them step out of danger. To that end, I'll share a personal story that I believe illustrates how these words truly are precious.

Surviving a Car Accident

It was Qixi Festival, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, two days ago, when misfortune befell me.

Chef Luo wanted to go home two days before Qixi. We booked tickets and departed from Nacala, a port city on the east coast of Mozambique at two o'clock in the afternoon. I dozed off in the car after thirty minutes. All of a sudden, I heard a big bang and people shouting. Then, our car was rolling. When it eventually stopped, I opened my eyes and saw that the air bag had deployed in front of me and from the steering wheel. All the windows were smashed.

I didn't see Luo or the driver and it took some time for me to open the door. I got out of the car and found Luo and the driver behind it. It appeared that Luo was fine, but the driver had a broken arm and was bleeding.

Luo got my long sleeved shirt from the car to wrap the driver's arm with the help of passers-by. I tried to stop other cars but only a few stopped. We managed to carry the driver to a nearby shelter. I then returned to the car to look for my mobile phone and saw that the car's rear left tire was burst and the front right tire was missing. Yet, the car was still making a noise.

I could only find the driver's mobile but couldn't remember my colleagues phone numbers. I called the driver's father (he is our landlord) and mother, sister and wife, told them where we were and asked them to call for an ambulance.

Rushing to a Hospital

The driver of a pickup truck agreed to take us to the hospital. We carried the driver to the vehicle. As we drove along, I saw the car that hit us was thirty meters from our car.

I supported the drivers arm and he was screaming. We were driving fast, yet it felt like time had stopped. I prayed in my heart “Please help him and do not let him pass away beside me.”

It seemed like an eternity before we arrived at the hospital. The doctor dressed him and gave him an IV drip and then we were sent to another hospital in Monapo town because of his serious injury.

There were patients everywhere in that hospital so he was lying on the ground with his head on my leg. He said he wanted to vomit and I shouted for a doctor. Finally, a doctor came and gave him an injection, which I thought to be a tranquilizer.

We waited again for a seemingly endless time before another doctor came. But we were told that he needed to go to a provincial hospital in Nampula and that only one of us could go with him. I decided that I would go, so I asked Luo to stay with the driver's uncle and repeatedly told him to wait until he met up with the drivers father, our landlord.

We spent over one hour on the way to the provincial hospital. It was the longest way I had ever taken. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but couldn't. Everything was so vividly clear. Finally we arrived and I saw that the man was still breathing. I soon saw that Luo had arrived with our landlord and felt relieved. We were told that the driver didn't need an amputation. He was lucky.

Saved for Believing that Falun Dafa is Good

This was a serious car accident. Two people in the other car died and another two had amputations. Another four or five people were seriously injured and transferred to a provincial hospital in Banco Socorros. But I was not injured at all. After the accident, our car rolled over and over again until thirty meters away, but I was fine. Our car was missing its front tire, all the air bags had deployed, and the doors were broken.

It seems illogical and beyond any scientific explanation that I was not hurt. I was not the least bit injured, even though I sat on the front passenger’s seat. Yes, some people might come up with thoughts that would explain why I was not hurt. But there were others that were injured. Some people might say that I was lucky and was blessed.

No matter what others come up with, I believe what I had been told by my mother.

In China, so many people believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and regard them as their guiding principles. My mother always told me that I should recite 'Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” if I was in danger. This time I recited these words and a miracle happened.

I had heard so many examples of blessing experienced by those believing that Falun Dafa is good. This time, I believe that the good luck I experienced was a direct result of my belief that Falun Dafa is good.

This is why I encourage you to please try to recite it when you are in danger. Do so for the sake of yourselves and your family members.

Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the essential principles of Falun Dafa, will certainly remain in my heart forever and guide my behavior.

Please use your mind to evaluate these principles and let your family members and loved ones be blessed and protected by Falun Dafa. If you let people know “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and ask them to recite it, I believe that only good things can come to you.