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Toothache Gone after Looking Within and Eliminating My Attachment

March 30, 2018 |   By a practitioner from Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) Below are three cultivation experiences practitioners have shared.

Toothache Disappears after a Sincere Apology

There was a time when I felt that hardly anyone or anything could affect me, until one day I was caught off-guard.

Somehow my husband did something that made me furious. I was so angry I started to cry, and I brought up all the things he did wrong in the past. Soon after that, my tooth started to ache, but I didn't care.

The next day, the pain got worse and worse and affected my ability to clarify the truth making phone calls. I knew it was interference from the old forces, and I knew I should look within. I wondered if the toothache might be the result of my anger, but, on second thought, I dismissed the idea because my husband had certainly been wrong.

My toothache didn't go away. Instead, it started to affect the whole left side of my face, and the pain woke me up. What to do? I started to repeat to myself, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” But even after some time, my pain was as bad as ever.

Then I thought maybe I should resolve the pain with kindness and started to recite Master's lectures. But nothing changed. Finally, I asked Master to help relieve the pain. It got a little better, and at least I could sleep--until the pain soon woke me up again.

The next day I had an appointment with a fellow practitioner. When she saw how much my tooth hurt, she asked, “Did you say something you are not supposed to say?” Suddenly, I was clear, “Yes, I did. I had a fight with my husband two days ago.”

I realized that, even though it was my husband's fault, as a Dafa practitioner, I shouldn't get angry at anyone. The moment I got angry at him, I was at the same level as he was. In addition, I brought up all his past faults, which must have really hurt him. I truly regretted what I did.

After I returned home, I sincerely apologized to my husband: “I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said what I said that day and hurt you. Please forgive me.” Immediately, I felt a gentle cool breeze in my mouth and the toothache was gone! All the pain was gone. I really experienced the power of looking inwards and also the joy of cultivating Dafa.

Broken Printer Works after Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

A fellow practitioner was going to be put on trial for not giving up her belief. Days before the court date, we started to organize to get people to show up at the courthouse. We needed to print some posters, but the person who usually did that couldn't do it at the last minute, and the coordinator asked for my help.

I had to do it in a rush, and when I changed the ink, I forgot to loosen the clamp on the ink. As a result, the printouts were a mess. When I found out why and released the clamp, the printer still didn't work correctly, and there were stripes on the printouts. I had to turn off the power.

I had learned how to fix printers and knew the problem was that part of the printer head was burned. But I didn't have much time left, so I said to the practitioner next me, “Let's send forth righteous thoughts for five minutes. If the printer still doesn't work, we will have to find another way to get the poster printed.”

When I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I asked Master to fix the burned printer head. Five minutes later, we restarted the printer. It was amazing! The printer worked perfectly. I was in tears. I really appreciated Master's help.

Follow the Fa, Not a Person

I admired another practitioner very much and thought she did very well. She was like my mother or sister. When I was with her, I always did my best and sought her praise. I never realized that such a mindset was not correct.

One day she was arrested for distributing truth-clarifying materials. I was very surprised. I joined the effort to rescue her and learned more about her. I not only saw her good side but also her other sides. I was sad to learn that such a “perfect” fellow practitioner was actually not perfect.

I started to wonder why I was so sad. I realized that I saw her as a good example of what a practitioner should be, and I emulated her. So wasn't I following her instead of the Fa? When practitioners do well, it is because they follow the Fa. I understand that I shouldn't admire how good other practitioners are but should strictly follow Dafa.