(Minghui.org) Just like how the Chinese people celebrated the 911 terrorist attack in 2001, many Chinese cheered when news broke that U.S. President Donald Trump had tested positive to the novel coronavirus on October 2, 2020.

This news item quickly became a hot search item on Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese social media, with 750 million reads.

The Chinese people gloating over President Trump’s diagnosis is a reflection of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) hostility education inside China about the U.S., especially when the Trump administration is taking a strong stance that seeks to end the CCP’s totalitarianism.

Such reaction forms a sharp contrast to people in the West. In addition to the well-wishes offered by leaders of various countries, many U.S. citizens stayed outside of the hospital where Trump stayed to show their support.

President Trump’s announcement on Twitter that he had contracted the virus also contrasts with the cover-ups in China, where the top leaders’ health is regarded as a “state secret” and a taboo topic for the media.

After President Trump and the First Lady’s diagnosis, all staff members in the White House were tested. The media published the test results quickly to the public. It is hard to imagine that any media in China could receive such information, and even if it received the information, would likely not dare to publish it.

President Trump left the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returned to White House on October 5.

When the Chinese people celebrated President Trump’s diagnosis, they were treating the U.S. as China’s number one enemy. Few realized that the Chinese Communist Party itself is the fundamental problem for China.