(Minghui.org) At present, the result of the U.S. presidential election is still up in the air, and many people are eagerly awaiting the final outcome. Election-related topics have become the focus of attention.

As fellow practitioners shared their different views and opinions on the situation, several questions arose in my mind: where did the unprecedented fraud in this election come from? How should a Dafa practitioner walk his or her cultivation path righteously? How does this matter relate to the Fa-rectification's progress?

It was not until the Minghui editorial article “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals” was published on November 7 and Master's new poem, “On the General Election,” published on November 8, that practitioners have gradually reached consensus about our understanding of the issue.

Here I’d like to share my take on the subject and I welcome practitioners to point out any inappropriate comments.

Supporting Trump Is a Righteous Act of Defending Traditional Values and Returning to Faith in the Divine

Before the Minghui editorial pointed out clearly that we should support President Trump, some practitioners had reservations about it. They thought that when Dafa practitioners placed their hope on a non-practitioner, the old forces could take advantage of our attachment of relying on others and use that as an excuse to destroy the non-practitioner or make things worse. They said that similar things have happened to one of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders, when he initially expressed some support for Dafa practitioners.

I think these practitioners have got a point, but in my understanding, this time, it is different.

First of all, the evil Chinese Communist Party, which has been persecuting Dafa and its practitioners since 1999, has committed unpardonable sins, and its followers have no chance to enter the future unless they withdraw their memberships in the CCP and its two associated organizations (the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League). Declaring the three withdrawals has become a top priority for the Chinese to completely sever ties with the CCP so as not to be held responsible when the time comes to seek justice against the CCP. 

Secondly, when Dafa disciples counted on that particular CCP leader years ago to redress Falun Dafa and possibly stop the persecution, it was during the change of top leaders in the communist regime, and also during a transitional period for Dafa disciples to shift from personal cultivation to Fa-rectification period cultivation. As such, pinning our hope on that specific leader was tantamount to seeking personal liberation on a side path in personal cultivation and did not meet the requirement of Fa-rectification period cultivation that Master wanted us to accomplish.

Today, Master is rectifying the Fa of the cosmos and Dafa practitioners are validating Dafa. All that is not righteous needs to be rectified. What we do today will be left for the future generation and the new cosmos, and this path has to follow the absolute truth and be free of mistakes. When we support Trump and speak out for justice in the U.S. election, we are eliminating the communist demon and rotten devil that has been controlling the world, restoring righteousness in the human realm and upholding the truth of the universe. The starting point isn’t for ourselves, but for others.

Trumps Leads the Global Efforts to Eliminate the CCP

On November 2, the eve of the U.S. election, the National Security Council released the online version of its new book “President Trump on China: Putting America First,” which is a collection of speeches by Trump and his cabinet members on China policy and a systematic presentation of the Trump administration’s China policy.

The White House issued a statement the same day saying that President Trump will no longer turn a blind eye to the Chinese Communist Party’s global totalitarianism. When he was elected president in 2016, he vowed to “Make America Great Again.” He has since been promoting traditional values and fighting to restore people’s faith in the divine. “In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God!” is one of his famous quotes. 

Within four years, the U.S. economy rebounded, the unemployment rate dipped to an all-time low, and society gradually returned to traditional values. He was the first one in the world to stand up against the Chinese Communist Party, leading a bipartisan consensus on anti-CCP issues in the United States.

The collapse of the CCP is imminent. There are good people in both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, so wasn’t this election an opportunity for people to choose a side? Supporting justice and tradition, or siding with the dark forces of evil?

The emergence of President Trump as a “political outsider” represents traditional American values. He promotes reverence for God, traditional marriage and family ethics. He is hard-working and self-reliant. He advocates staying away from tobacco, alcohol and drugs. He distinguishes right from wrong, and believes that there should be no gray areas between law and truth.

The Left Embraces Communist Ideology and Turns into An Agent for the Devil

The left-wing Democratic Party adopted the ideology of the Communist Party's rogue hegemony. They tell lies and use the media to spread fake news. They do whatever it takes to pull strings for power and interest. They blur the lines between black and white, right and wrong. The promotion of leftist ideology and even communism by the mainstream media has destroyed American values, including religious beliefs, family ethics, social morality, and many other aspects of traditional culture. They legalized marijuana, unisex toilets, gay marriage, and much more.

The laptop scandal of the son of the Democratic presidential candidate is the largest corruption case since the founding of the United States, which involved sex crimes, drug abuse, and corruption by the highest level government officials. In the face of such unprecedented corruption, most mainstream media didn’t exercise the press' basic duty as the fourth estate and remained silent on the scandal.

In the past four years during Trump’s administration, many have seen the truth and taken it upon themselves to make the right choices. For example, Senator Lindsey Graham, Chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee, turned from a staunch opponent to a hardcore supporter of Trump. With Trump’s legal battles across the U.S. to seek a fair and just election, Graham donated $500,000 to Trump with his legal proceedings in several swing states. 

In the section “Socialism: The Preliminary Stage of Communism” in the introduction of the book How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World, it is stated, “Especially in terms of moral values, the socialism of the West uses pretexts like ‘anti-discrimination,’ ‘value-neutrality,’ or ‘political correctness’ to attack basic moral discernment. This is equivalent to an attempt to eliminate morality as such. This has come along with the legalization and normalization of all manner of anti-theist and profane speech, sexual perversions, demonic art, pornography, gambling, and drug use. The result is a kind of reverse discrimination against those who believe in God and aspire to moral elevation, with the goal of marginalizing and eventually getting rid of them.”

The U.S. election is a holy war of values, a battle between good and evil, and a watershed between the American nation and her fate, and whether the American people can return to tradition and faith in the divine.

The Relationship Between Social Systems and Faith in the Divine

It is well known that the doctrines of the CCP are warfare, fighting heaven, earth, and man. And the propagation of party culture is built based on the atheistic ideology. It clamps down on the freedom of the individual and controls their minds, body, and speech. The CCP is a corrupt group that was formed in the pursuit of more personal power and interest. Countries around the world have long been deeply infiltrated by it.

According to a 2018 Hoover Report titled “China's Influence and American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance,” the CCP had already fully infiltrated and manipulated many U.S. government agencies, universities, media, think tanks, businesses and the overseas Chinese community. Many politicians and businessmen have colluded with the CCP to betray U.S. interests.

Human social systems, no matter how superior, if it is not founded on faith in the divine and adherence to moral and traditional values, can be easily corrupted by moral decay. Especially when a free society encounters a communist ideology, its standards of good and evil will become blurred and ineffective, and its public opinion, corrupted by the desire for fame and fortune, will manifest itself as hypocrisy, selfishness and instant gratification.

The 2nd U.S. President John Adams once said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The unprecedented scale of fraud in this U.S. election confirms this view. Someone predicted before the election that those who wanted the U.S. to be good would vote for Trump, while people who wanted to get benefits from the U.S. would vote for Biden.

The book How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World also said that, “Human civilization was transmitted to man by the divine. Chinese civilization has seen the prosperity of the Han and Tang dynasties, and Western civilization reached its peak during the Renaissance. If human beings can maintain the civilization given to them by the divine, then man will be able to maintain his divine connections and understand the Law taught when divinity returns to the human realm. If humans destroy their culture and tradition, and if the morality of society collapses, then they will fail to understand the divine teachings because their karma and sins will be too great and their thinking will have departed too far from the instructions of the divine. This is dangerous for mankind.”

The force of justice is building its momentum. Although Trump's re-election bid seems still up in the air, it's by no means a cliffhanger. The value of justice would not have been so precious if this American election had gone off without a hitch.

If evil does not make vicious attacks, it will be difficult to shake the hearts and souls of people, awaken them, and restore righteousness in the battle between good and evil. 

The divine is not retreating but making their choices. The joy after the revelation of good and evil will leave a splendid mark in history.

Our Responsibility and Mission as Dafa Practitioners to Catch Up to the Pace of Fa-Rectification

Some fellow practitioners used the excuse that they didn’t want to get involved in politics in their cultivation to stay away from election-related issues. But in my opinion, they are in fact standing idle while allowing the evil forces to run rampant in the human realm. 

Master taught us:

“You know, the progress of the Fa-rectification manifests [from time to time], and for the most part Dafa disciples have been solidly and steadily proceeding according to the needs of Fa-rectification's different circumstances. Cultivation is of course the process of establishing and completing a being. But the converse of that is, for those who are truly unbefitting, the cultivation process is also one of weeding out. So whenever a particular situation comes about, some human thoughts will emerge for sure, because it is, after all, humans who are cultivating. There have been some relatively obvious changes in the situation. For example, the time before July 1999 was a period for Dafa disciples' personal cultivation, and since July 1999, Dafa disciples have been cultivating as they work against the persecution. Ever since the Nine Commentaries was released, some people have been thinking, "Does this have anything to do with our cultivation?" Some who had studied the Fa well and had fairly strong righteous thoughts knew that this persecution was the result of the old forces using a vile force among human beings, the wicked CCP, and that this kind of persecution could exist only under the wicked regime of the CCP. If the wicked regime of the vile CCP didn't exist, a persecution like this would not have taken place. However vicious the evil specters may be, they have to use bad people to carry out their evil deeds. And the ordinary bad people in this world are incapable of producing such a massive persecution. It's because the wicked, despicable, and absolutely base Party is in control of the evil regime that the evil specters' factors were able to use it and generate this persecution. But some people just can't come to terms with this, and have become foggy-headed. But actually, why would they become foggy-headed? I think the key factor at work is fear. So to put it plainly, it is still due to their attachment, and everything else is an excuse.” (“Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles”)

I personally believe that the U.S. election is a reflection of a heavenly climate on earth. On the surface, it is a race between two presidential candidates and a battle between two political parties. On a deeper level, the election is a manifestation of the battle between gods and demons, as Master's Fa-rectification is about to break through to the surface dimension of humanity and the old forces are interfering with the efforts. 

Obviously, one side will eliminate the communist demon, lead people to return to tradition and restore their faith in the divine; the other side is teaming up with the communist demon, leading people to betray and blaspheme against the divine, and heading to hell with their evilness, falsehood and the indulgence of sensuality.

After Master's poem “On the General Election” was published, I realized that this is an opportunity to test the hearts of people, including Falun Dafa practitioners, before the Communist Devil is dismantled. This is a “Beacon of Light” for the progress of Fa-rectification, lighting up the path for the world’s people in the darkness.

We Dafa disciples are assisting Master in Fa-rectification. As messengers of the divine, we have the responsibility to “Puts a stop to its downward slide.” (“Illuminating All,” Hong Yin Vol. II)

Regarding our attitude towards this U.S. election, isn’t it also a matter of upholding justice and safeguarding a certain level of the Fa? Isn’t it also a part of our validation of the Fa? As Dafa practitioners, the reason why we don’t involve ourselves in politics is because it is not something of interest in our cultivation and we are not pursuing fame and gain like ordinary people. But this does not mean that we should stay neutral in the battle between right and wrong in human society. If people can restore their conscience and return to tradition and faith in the divine after the election, the magnificent power of Dafa will manifest itself in the human world.

Let me use Master’s teaching for our mutual encouragement:

“If the human race is able to improve its character, conduct, and thinking by grounding these in moral values, it will be possible for civilization to endure and even for miracles to occur again in the human world. Many times in the past, cultures that were as divine as they were human have appeared in this world and helped people to arrive at a truer understanding of life and the universe. When people show the appropriate respect and reverence toward Dafa as it manifests here in this world, they, their race, or their nation will enjoy blessings or honor. It was Dafa—the Great Way of the universe—that created the cosmic body, the universe, life, and all of creation. Any life that turns away from Dafa is truly corrupt. Any person who can align with Dafa is truly a good person, and will be rewarded and blessed with health and happiness. And any cultivator who is able to become one with Dafa is an enlightened one—divine.” (“On Dafa,” Zhuan Falun)