(Minghui.org) The battle between good and evil amid the U.S. election has been unfolding before everyone's eyes for more than a month. The massive election fraud was accomplished unscrupulously through high-technology, mail-in ballots, and other means, and have been constantly exposed. Almost all the media in the U.S. has covered up the truth, and spread lies and hatred. They are not much different from the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is known to propagandize whatever the CCP wants the public to hear. The FBI and the courts turned a blind eye to the fraud and did nothing. Some governors and other officials in the swing states were as corrupt and lawless as the CCP officials. Despite these obstacles, Trump and his team have been seeking truth and justice in accordance with the law, and upholding the Constitution and the foundation of the United States.

During this special period, Master’s new article “On the General Election,” the Minghui editorial article, as well as sharings from fellow practitioners, are helping us understand the situation from the Fa’s perspective.

With such clear distinction between good and evil, even if the angle and depth of each cultivator's understanding may be different, the fundamental stance and direction should be the same. That is, as Dafa practitioners, we should eliminate the evil communist spirits behind the fraud and those interfering with the election, clarify the truth rationally, and strive to wake up those who have been deceived and poisoned.

While reading the sharing articles on Minghui, I was surprised to see that some practitioners outside of China have different attitudes towards and understandings about the issue.

For example, some watched the U.S. election unfolding from the sidelines, and even thought that it did not concern them, because they didn’t like Trump. Some felt no need to do anything since everything is in the hands of Master and the result is already set. Some even felt that there would be another chance in the next election in four years if it did not work out this time.

For those who have differing opinions, I'd like to share my thoughts from another perspective. I will be very direct, but I don’t mean to criticize anyone and I have no intention to offend anyone.

First of all, I wonder if those practitioners have a habit of reading the Minghui website and following the Minghui editorial articles, especially when major world affairs happen suddenly and everyone is still observing and trying to figure out what to do? If the answer is no, it is easy to understand why these practitioners had ideas that did not align with Master's teachings.

I often read the Minghui website, follow Minghui editorial articles, and pay attention to sharing from practitioners on major issues. I then did my own reasoning and thinking to correct my shortcomings in understanding. I may still have some different understandings regarding certain angles or depth, but there is not too much deviation from the fundamental stance or direction, and definitely not opposition. Minghui is a platform that we can trust and count on in our journey of cultivation because it was arranged by Master for his disciples.

Perhaps overseas practitioners who are very busy with many projects did not have the time to read Minghui. However, the Minghui editorials and the practitioners’ sharings on major issues are essential in guiding us in our cultivation. I believe that only when we understand the issues correctly from a cultivator’s perspective, can we do well in our projects.

I am also curious about where these practitioners got their opinions about the election matters, such as their opposition to Trump, their notion that it wouldn’t make any difference whether they take action or not, and their idea that Trump should concede now and run for president again in four years.

If they got these ideas from the media (be it conventional news media or social media), I’d suggest that they refrain from following leftist media and instead take some time to read the Minghui website first and take note of the attitude of Minghui. Except for a few media such as The Epoch Times and NTDTV that are reporting the truth, all major media in the United States are now in the hands of the leftists. They are covering up the truth, spreading lies, and inciting hatred, just like the mouthpiece of the CCP.

As cultivators, how we choose the media to absorb information is critical at this historic moment. To be responsible for ourselves, please make serious and rational comparative analysis and thinking so as to distinguish truth from falsehood, good from evil, and not be confused by the corrupt media.

By watching truthful media, it’s easy to understand why this U.S. election is so important, and running for another election in four years is not an option. Namely, if Trump's opponent steals the election, the CCP and the evil spirits of communism would control the United States, just like how they took over Hong Kong. The United States, a great country created by God, would be destroyed. The world would then be ruled by the CCP and the evil spirits of communism. Will there be a fair presidential election in four years?

Of course, an event as significant as this is surely under Master’s control, and the result is set. But this does not mean we don’t need to do anything or that we should have incorrect understandings about it. The principle is not difficult to understand. For example, since Master tells us that Fa-rectification is bound to be accomplished, do we not need to validate the Fa and cultivate ourselves? No matter how we cultivate ourselves, it won’t affect the final success of Fa-rectification. But it doesn’t mean we should stop cultivating and just wait for the result to come.

From my limited understanding, what we are doing has a huge impact on ourselves and sentient beings, even though we cannot change the outcome of this election on the surface.

When the evils are destroying the U.S. and mankind, and when Trump is standing up against the evils and firmly fighting to safeguard the country, I believe it doesn’t take much for an everyday person to know what to do, as long as they make the choice with their sense of justice and conscience. Of course, I don’t think that these practitioners deliberately ignored everything. But perhaps their notions or attachments influenced them without their noticing.

I recommend that practitioners pay attention to the Minghui website. What it reports is the truth. Its editorial articles point out serious problems in our cultivation, and sharing articles from fellow practitioners inspire us to stay diligent in our own cultivation. We should not underestimate or ignore the importance of Minghui in our cultivation.

According to a Minghui notice, “On June 15, 2000, Minghui was instructed to give an advanced notice of an upcoming new article. The notice clearly announced, for the first time, Master Li's words: ‘It is not that Minghui does not make mistakes, however, on important matters, practitioners watch the position of Minghui...’”

Therefore, on the issue of the U.S. election, we should also watch and follow the position of Minghui.

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