Epidemics themselves are arranged by Gods and are inevitable in the course of history. When humans become corrupt in their hearts, they generate karma, become ill, and suffer from disasters. At such times, for those who don’t believe in Gods, they resort to various measures. The homophone [in Chinese] of this noun, “measure,” is already telling you: Measures are in fact erroneous implementations. There have been many positive lessons in history, yet all because of modern-day Chinese people’s atheist mindset after being brainwashed by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP), people do not believe in Gods and do not believe in the lessons from history.

In fact, epidemics come because they target the corrupt human heart, people’s degenerating morals, and their karma, which has grown large. If such an epidemic is arranged by Gods, then what solution would possibly work since this is what Gods intended? Some people know this is the case, and they also pray to Gods for protection, but it still might not work. Why? Because people’s hearts have become corrupt, and they have so much karma, to the point that they should be eliminated—so why should they be protected? People should sincerely repent to Gods: “Where have I done wrong? And I hope I can be given a chance to mend my ways”—only that is the solution, only that is the panacea.

But at present, an epidemic like the “CCP Virus” (Wuhan Pneumonia) comes for a purpose and has its targets. It comes to eliminate followers of the evil Party, and those who go along with the evil CCP. If you don’t believe it, just take a look: At present, the hardest-hit countries are those that associate closely with the evil CCP, and the same goes for individuals. So, what can be done? Stay far away from the evil CCP, and don’t align with it. This is because what lies behind it is the red demon; its behavior and actions are thuggish, and it stops at no evil. Gods are starting to eradicate it, and all who align with it will be eliminated. If you don’t believe it, just wait and see.

Those among Dafa disciples who are not diligent or have gone to extremes, hurry and set yourselves straight, and study the Fa and cultivate yourselves sincerely—because you are amid the gravest danger. Genuine Dafa disciples all have energy, are the ones who eliminate karma and eradicate germs, and are the envoys of salvation at the end times. They all know to be rational in saving people and clarifying the truth. At present, a situation has occurred where, in various regions, some students have asked everyone to send forth righteous thoughts collectively to disintegrate the CCP Virus (Wuhan Pneumonia). This is not right. You are not here to change history, but to save people amid history’s gravest danger. Things such as clarifying the truth, helping people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and [encouraging people to] sincerely repeat the true words are the best panacea and solutions for saving people. As people’s hearts change for the better, things will take a positive turn. The CCP is in its death throes and has thrown society into turmoil in order to harm people. Dafa disciples should not get caught up in the chaos and should stick to the fundamentals, only then can you see clearly through the chaos.

Li Hongzhi
March 19, 2020

(Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement. Date of this version: March 29, 2020.)