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Helping a Fellow Practitioner Eliminate Attachments

Sept. 12, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner told me that she knew of a senior practitioner whose leg was swollen. She told me that I should avoid bringing up this topic with this senior practitioner, as she had the attachment to saving face, and did not want anyone to know about her problem. Her leg had actually been swollen for a while. I never mentioned it, but was concerned. I did not know how to help her if I could not ask her about it. Otherwise, how would she know where she might be stuck?

We are to cultivate as one body, so her problem was also mine. How could I ignore this matter? I then thought I would bring it up in a conversation. First I talked to her about daily life, then asked her if she had looked within regarding her swollen leg. She replied that she had, but said she could not find the cause for it. I replied that maybe she had not yet found the right reason. I then asked her if I could help. She replied yes, and I reminded her that it could be unpleasant to hear.

I then said, “Another practitioner pointed out your attachments ten years ago, but you were not happy to hear about the issue. Also, you said you would not practice and cultivate in Dafa if your family member interfered with your cultivation. Have you had such cases?” She replied yes.

I said to her, “The old forces just took advantage of your weakness and persecuted you. You need to write an announcement, claiming all you said, and your behavior which didn’t conform to the Fa is null and void. We have now been cultivating for so long, and we should follow Master firmly so we can return to our original homes.”

I continued, “We seriously need to eliminate all attachments.”

She said, “That is right, you have reminded me. I do need to eliminate the attachments one by one.”

On the second day after she wrote down her statement, I went to visit her. I asked if her leg was better. She told me: Her leg was no longer swollen.