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Let Go of Attachment to Cell Phones

Sept. 13, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) I recently installed a shopping app on my cell phone. I already had an app in which there was a virtual farm where I could grow potatoes. I watered and fertilized the plants every day and would receive a cheap gift upon harvesting. Although the gifts were almost useless, I was attached to the process of watering, fertilizing, seeing the potatoes grow, blossom, and bear fruit. I felt happy when using the app.

In addition, I had some other apps for watching short videos and listening to songs. I knew a practitioner shouldn’t be attached to these things but there was something that attracted my heart. I couldn’t resist the temptation to turn on my cell phone. I didn’t pause to think, “If my hand doesn’t listen to me, then who does it listen to?”

Later Master gave me a hint by having my left eye swell and hurt, however, I didn’t realize the problem.

One night, in the dark, I turned on my cell phone and felt extreme pain in my left eye. I still didn’t realize my problem; I just closed my left eye and used my right eye. In a short while, I temporarily lost sight in my right eye; only then, did I realize how serious my problem was. I immediately stopped playing the harvesting game and when I logged in some time later, I noticed that the potato had withered.

Soon after, I had a strange dream: I walked onto a farm and saw the potato I planted withered; a dying snake coiled around a stone nearby. I was awakened as I remembered the snake from twenty years ago that killed my mother. This brought me a lot of tribulations and long term interference. When Master taught us to send forth righteous thoughts, I was able to use righteous thoughts to eliminate it. For many years I thought it no longer existed; however, it had been hiding in my attachments. No wonder I wasn’t able to get rid of it, despite sending righteous thoughts for so many years. It was because it hid in my attachments. I had protected it.

I got rid of the evil entity, and uninstalled the software. However, I didn’t dig out the fundamental attachment.

One day this year I sent forth righteous thoughts with a fellow practitioner. When I was holding my palm erect, a strange entity talked to me. It had a long and thin neck with big eyes and a protruding mouth. It looked like an alien. It seemed to be very familiar with me. It leaned on my shoulder, and drew on an area on top of my head, saying, “We just cleaned this area and won’t care about the rest.” I said okay without thinking. I then became alert and sent forth righteous thoughts immediately, “How could I listen to it? What on earth is it? But why was it so natural for me to communicate with it? I am a Dafa practitioner, how can I listen to its command. What is going on?”

I recently thought about how I was always interfered while studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. I always felt sleepy. One day while I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I became sleepy, and heard a voice, “Why do you like your cell phone so much?” Yes, I am a Dafa disciple in Fa-rectification period. How could I be controlled by it? I then realized the reason I was interfered with.

Reminded by a fellow practitioner, I realized that the voice was my cell phone. It not only wastes our time, but also causes us to develop all kinds of attachments and erodes our will. If a practitioner is addicted to it, it controls that practitioner.

Nowadays, almost everyone is addicted to their phones. We think we are the owners of our cell phones, but in reality, it is the cell phone that tells us to do things. Human beings have become slaves to their cell phones, and gradually, human beings are becoming accustomed to receiving commands from their cell phones.

As a Dafa practitioner, how can we be addicted to our cell phones? We are walking on the path to divinity, how can we be controlled by low level deities? After realizing this, I uninstalled all unnecessary apps.

We are Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period and shoulder immense responsibilities. Our righteous thoughts should be strong, and we should let go of our attachments, cultivate diligently, and do the three things well.