Professor of Anthropology: "It's very moving and very hopeful"

( Divine Performing Arts (DPA) opened its first show at Seattle's Paramount Theatre on Sunday, January 18, 2009.

Ms. Caroline Hartse, Professor of Anthropology at Washington State Olympic College, came with her photographer husband to see the DPA show.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year with Divine Performing Arts (Photos)

( Many couples attended the 2009 World Tour at the Place des Arts in Montreal to celebrate the Chinese New Year, as four shows were presented by Divine Performing Arts on January 16 through January 18. The 2009 World Tour showcases traditional Chinese culture by using visual art, song, dance, music, and story telling. Aspects of various dynasties and themes of beauty, unity, goodness are also included to reflect traditional Chinese culture. Two couples who attended the show accepted interviews to get their impressions of the show.

Seattle: Businessman Impressed with Backdrops and Colors of the Divine Performing Arts Show

( Divine Performing Arts' Chinese New Year Spectacular captivated audiences at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington, on Sunday, January 18.

Christopher Knap is in the business of teaching Western musicians how to market themselves. He said, "I work with Western musicians, rock and roll, jazz, blues, and I help them put out their CDs and the business side, the marketing--I teach them how to do all that."

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