(Minghui.org) Two other practitioners and I always used to prefer studying the Fa at home, but as a result, our cultivation status was not good. I would get sleepy when studying the Fa, and my hand would fall when sending forth righteous thoughts. The other two practitioners had similar problems.  Teacher arranged for us to meet together and study the Fa. Over the past three months, we have repeatedly studied Teacher's articles and lectures “What is a Dafa Disciple,” “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa,” and Essentials for Further Advancement.  We also transcribed Hong Yin in order to memorize it.

During that time, Teacher exposed many of our attachments so that we could recognize them and get rid of them. For example, preferring certain vegetables over others, assuming others would not cook the vegetables that I bought, deriving enjoyment from criticizing others, etc. Finding these attachments helped me realize that they were the cause of being sleepy when studying the Fa. In fact, it was my own field that was not clean and, as a result, rotten spirits were interfering. I also spent more time cleaning my field when sending forth righteous thoughts.

Through group Fa study and exercise, we all discovered our human notions and were able to get rid of them. Now, my hand doesn't fall when sending forth righteous thoughts, and I'm not sleepy while studying the Fa. One of the other practitioners told me that he is now able to fully concentrate while studying the Fa. He also managed to get rid of his competitive mentality. The third practitioner used to only be able to sit with one leg crossed, but now he can sit with both legs crossed for over an hour.

Along with the improvements in our xinxing, our bodies also have also undergone obvious changes. We are very grateful for the help we have received from Teacher and fellow practitioners. I recommend that all practitioners try their best to participate in group Fa study and exercise, so that they too can participate in experience sharing and speed up their progress in cultivation.