(Minghui.org) I was very blessed to have obtained the Fa on April 2, 1999. Before cultivating, I had cirrhosis, nephritis, and various other diseases. My whole body was swollen, and I was so dizzy that I couldn't stand up. Even the doctor couldn't give me any prescriptions because not only did they not help, they made it worse. I was so sick that the hospital staff was sure I would die. All the doctors told my family to feed me well with good food before I passed away! However, deep in my heart, I never gave up hope. I prayed to gods and Buddhas every day. I felt as if I were waiting for something miraculous to happen.

Before I obtained the Fa, I always dreamed about a crane and a heavenly child who was holding a book and said: “The Heavenly Fa has come!” I didn't know what he meant. When I was a child, I saw white horses, dragons, phoenixes, and heavenly maidens flying in the heavens, and thought how wonderful it must be to fly up there! When I told others what I saw, they didn't believe me. I have always believed that gods and Buddhas exist, and I have always worshiped them from a young age.

One day, I was sitting on my doorstep and saw Aunt Wang holding a book in her hand. The lotus flower on the back of the book resembled the lotus flower I saw in my dream. I said to her, “I want to take a look at your book. I wonder why the lotus flower looks exactly like the one in my dream.” When I opened the book (Zhuan Falun), Master's picture looked exactly like the Buddha I saw in my dream. “It is Master!” I held the book to my chest, tears rolling down my face, “I have found you! I have found the savior!” I didn't want to let go of the book. Aunt Wang was very surprised, and said, “No one believes what I try to tell them. But you stopped me for the book. What a great predestination you have with Dafa!”

I felt a surge of heat running through my entire body. Then, I experienced a kind of comfort that I had never felt before. I went to the toilet even before I finished reading the book. I knew that Master was cleansing my body. After that, I became a new person. My pale, sickly face turned rosy. I was completely illness-free. Even my husband's illness disappeared. Master gave me a second chance to live. I thank Master for His compassionate salvation. I have no words to describe how thankful I was to Master!

Because I am a great beneficiary of Dafa, I have told people about the goodness of Dafa wherever I go. Seeing the great changes in me, a lot of people also took up the practice.

When the persecution of Dafa began on July 20, 1999, I started to cry, thinking that there were so many people who had not yet obtained the Fa and didn't know its goodness. I told myself that I had to let go of my ego and go out to tell people the truth about Dafa, and that our Master was innocent. I was soon arrested by the police, who put me in a detention center for 49 days. During that time, I clarified the truth to the police and told them that Dafa practitioners are good people. Some of them sympathized. They told me that they didn't want to persecute us, but they had orders from above.

After I got out of the detention center, I continued to clarify the truth to people. One day, two fellow practitioners and I went to another village to clarify the truth there. It was snowing at the time, and it was getting dark. We carried some informational materials and clarified the truth to a person on the bus. We didn't know that he was an undercover police officer. After he got off, he started dialing on his phone. We knew that something was wrong. We immediately took off our coats. Soon, several police cars arrived and the police started searching for people wearing coats. They couldn't find them. With Master's help, we escaped the danger. We didn't want to take the main road, so we took the hilly one. It was dark and the road was slippery. We couldn't see the holes in the road. We asked Master for help. Suddenly, an elderly man holding a flashlight came out looking for his son. He took us to the big road. Because it was still very dark, we couldn't see anything. Suddenly, a lit lantern appeared about three to four steps ahead of us. After about one hour, we arrived home. The lantern disappeared. We knew that Master had helped us get home safely.

One day, Master hinted to me in a dream to go to see an elderly person in a temple. I went there the next morning. An elderly man came up to me and said, “I am looking for a lady with 'Yu' in her name.” I said, “I am she.” He continued, “I see from afar a halo on the top of your head. It's not easy for me to come out here (he was a head Taoist over 90 years old at a mountain). If I didn't see you this time, I would regret it for the rest of my life. For me to see you, I have waited seven lifetimes.” I gave him a copy of a truth-clarification brochure. He said that was what he wanted. Tears rolled down his face. He said he had found the “real gold.” I was very moved by him. Before I left him, I gave him several books written by Master. We shed tears together.

After Dafa was persecuted, my friends and relatives tried to stop me from practicing because they believed the poisonous lies instilled by the evil Party. However, through my clarifying the truth to them using my personal experience, they now are very supportive. Some of them even took up cultivation in Dafa. They all know that Dafa is righteous, and they have quit the evil Party.

I am cultivating in a state of unlocking gong. I know that I am cultivating in such a state all because Master wants me to save more beings. I am busy all day seizing every opportunity to save more beings. Master has given me a lot of wisdom. Whatever I say usually easily penetrates people's hearts. Many of those people who are saved by my clarifying the truth to them always want me to stay longer with them and tell them more about cultivation.

I wish that all people on the earth could know about the truth and beauty of Dafa and that many beings can be saved. I also thank Master for His great compassionate salvation. I will return home with Master.