( More than ten years ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started slandering and framing Falun Gong in an effort to turn public opinion against the hugely popular practice that teaches people to live according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.


Many people were deceived as a result of the CCP's relentless propaganda. However, through Falun Gong practitioners’ tireless efforts to explain the facts, more and more people have become awakened and now see through the CCP's lies.


In a rising trend throughout China, common citizens are finding the courage to sign and fingerprint petitions and letter of support for persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. These petitions are part of the growing tide of public outrage and protest over 14 years of unjust and brutal persecution of Falun Gong.



A Good Citizen Arrested, Justice Denied

Agents from the 610 Office and the Shuangshanzi Township police in Qinglong County, Hebei Province illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Cui Aijun from Goukouzi Village on December 11, 2012. She has been imprisoned in the Number 1 Detention Center in Qinhuangdao, Hebei since then. Her family has repeatedly tried to visit her and has requested her release on numerous occasions, but they have been turned away each time. With nowhere to seek justice, the family turned to the public for help.


As of this writing, nearly 3,800 people in Qinglong County have signed a petition calling for Ms. Cui Aijun's release. All 156 people in Ms. Cui's village have signed or fingerprinted the petition in support of their upstanding friend and neighbor.


Cui Aijun 
Falun Gong practitioner Cui Aijun



Experiencing the Joy of Good Health

Cui Aijun began practicing Falun Dafa when she suffered from chronic illnesses that could not be cured by Western medicine. Practicing Falun Dafa became the happiest thing for her. Her health and mental outlook experienced a significant change, which brought surprise not only to her family, but also to her neighbors. Her once hot temper was gone as Ms. Cui followed the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance in daily life. Her relations with her family members and neighbors became harmonious.



A Family Persecuted

However, such a good person as Ms. Cui was subjected to brutal persecution, culminating in her recent arrest. Ms. Cui's arrest has had devastating repercussions on her family. Her 81-year-old mother-in-law, who is blind, cried for her every day. Her deaf 91-year-old father-in-law stood in front of his door longing for her return home.


On March 6, 2013, officers from the Qinglong County Police took Ms. Cui’s husband and daughter to the detention center and shackled their hands and feet. Their daughter was so traumatized that she fainted, whereupon the police released them. That same day, the police even dragged Ms. Cui's mother-in-law out of her house. The elderly lady was so distressed by this abuse that she could not get out of bed afterwards. The neighbors commented on the unfairness of the family's treatment by the authorities.



Appealing for Ms. Cui's Release

Cui Aijun’s husband and daughter have not been allowed to see her since her arrest. They have asked for her release by appealing to the Qinglong government and police station many times. With nowhere to seek justice, they sought help from the public. Within a short time, nearly 3,800 people in the Qinglong area signed a petition to protest the persecution and to show support for Ms. Cui. The petition also called on the Qinglong government to release Ms. Cui Aijun immediately.



All 156 people in Cui Aijun’s village signed the petition calling for her release


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3,572 people in the Qinglong area have 

signed the petition in support of Ms. Cui Aijun


Courageous People Condemn the CCP for Imprisoning Good People

A neighbor signed the petition and added in writing, “This kind of government makes people indignant. I hope that they release her immediately, so she can take care of her parents. Don’t focus on persecuting good people, but instead, focus on doing something good for people.”


A older man, after hearing of the arrest of Cui Aijun, wrote, “I am signing for Falun Gong. The Communist Party is just so bad. It does not arrest bad people and corrupted officials. What’s wrong with being a good person? Release her right away.”


One man who signed the petition said, “The Communist Party is so bad and should be eliminated right away. We Chinese people cannot live a decent life now. You see that the officials now are so corrupt and are not doing their duties. All their policies sounds so dignified but in reality are not beneficial to us common people.”


A teacher agreed, “The Communist Party does not follow the rules. Each communist official who commits wrongdoing should be imprisoned. It is not wrong for Falun Gong practitioners to expose the facts of the persecution. The Communist Party is totalitarian and does not allow you to follow decent rules.”


A man in his 70s said, “This family is so miserable [because of the persecution].The Communist Party is so cruel. I don’t know her in person, but I know that Falun Gong practitioners are good people. I will sign the petition.” After he spoke, several other senior citizens also signed the petition.



A Citizen Writes an Essay Warning Communist Party Officials to Stop Committing Crimes

A man who understands the CCP’s nature wrote an article from the bottom of his heart to warn communist party officials that the party will definitely collapse and that one should not follow it blindly. He stressed that one should seek a better future for himself and his family.


A man who understands the truth wrote an essay warning communist party officials to desist from wrongdoing