(Minghui.org) Every being that Dafa disciples encounter came for Dafa. Thus, they are not ordinary. This is especially true for equipment used to make truth-clarifying materials.

Whenever problems occur, we should first search within ourselves and then use righteous thoughts to handle the problems. We should not regard or try to solve these problems with an ordinary person's mindset. I am hereby writing down what I witnessed to share with everyone.

The material production site that my mother established has been in operation for about a dozen years. In all those years, we relied mainly on a practitioner’s laptop to download the materials from the Internet. Although the laptop was quite old, it had never run into any major problems.

Not long ago, both Mom and I were slacking off a little in our cultivation, and we were interfered with by human attachments. One day, the laptop suddenly stopped working, and we could not turn it on.

Everything in our lives is related to our cultivation state. When we asked a fellow practitioner to fix the laptop, he told us that since the laptop was so old, it was impossible to fix it. Even if he could turn it back on, the problem would recur. He suggested that we get a new one.

We then took the laptop to a store, but the repairman there told us that it was not worth repairing; it was so old that nobody would want it. He recommended that we sell it for parts.

Next, we took the laptop back to the fellow practitioner. He was able to turn it back on, but it died again after we brought it back home.

My mother said that we should probably get rid of it since it was indeed too old. However, I believed that it should still be able to work because if we replaced it with a new computer, it would forever lose the opportunity to help Dafa disciples to save sentient beings.

After several attempts, I still could not make the computer work. Gradually I began to realize the power of righteous thoughts. Calming myself down, I asked the computer in my heart, “Don’t you want to do good deeds for Dafa?”

With my Celestial Eye, I saw an old man appear next to me (he was the computer). Both his hair and beard were all grey. He told me with sadness, “I’m useless now because I’m too old.” I firmly said to him,“Who said you’re useless? Don’t say those pointless things.” Startled, he seemed to have gained some hope and asked, “You mean I'm still useful?”

I said: “Of course you are! Dafa is here to save sentient beings. Birth, aging, illnesses and death are part of the ordinary human process. Like me, you’ve also been saved by Dafa. Hence, we should not be restricted by those things anymore! You’ve been working at this material production site for over a dozen years. You’ve done so much for Dafa. Because of that, you’re very different from other computers. Ordinary computers would have become useless long ago, but your life has been saved by Dafa. Therefore, it’s quite possible that you can live for one hundred years, let alone a dozen years.”

Hope reappeared on the old man’s face. Excitedly, he confidently nodded his head. I added: “Dafa can save all lives that choose a bright future. You need to send forth a single righteous wish!” He pondered for a long time and then declared loudly: “I want to work for Dafa! I want to move on and live forever in Dafa!” When a life makes the right choice, that kind of feeling can shock a person’s heart.

Immediately, I sent forth righteous thoughts to completely disintegrate the evil factors in other dimensions that had interfered with this computer and prevented it from working normally. This life had chosen the right path for his future. Every evil old force that had interfered with this computer, as well as our material production site and our ability to save sentient beings, would go through endless elimination to pay back for its crime.

Instantly, the evil spirits and ghosts that had been firm in their stance shattered with a “bang” into thousands of pieces of paper. I continued sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate layers of layers of the evil forces. Then the pieces of paper exploded with a “bang,” changing into countless paper crumbs. Eventually they completely disappeared.

I told the computer to say, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” The old man immediately knelt down and holding his hands in front of his chest, he began to say what I asked him to. All of a sudden, I saw the formerly dark-colored laptop explode in another dimension and a layer of brand-new silver color began to surface. The color continued transforming until the entire laptop changed and became silver-colored. It even smelled like a brand-new laptop. I knew that this being had just gained a new life in Dafa.

I told the old man, “All’s well now!” He also became confident. However, just as I was about to turn on the laptop, my human heart arose. I asked the laptop tentatively: “Now, can you turn on? Shall we wait after I send forth righteous thoughts for thirty minutes?” The old man asked, “Don't you trust me?” I realized that my human heart was interfering, so I instantly replied, “I do trust you!” As I said this, I pressed the “on” button.

For several days, nobody had been able to fix this laptop and everybody said that it was no longer fixable. Yet, a miracle happened. This laptop resurrected; it began to work again. It was actually running as smoothly as my two-year-old desktop computer.

Now this laptop continues its role at our materials site. As a matter of fact, this very article was submitted online via this laptop. My mother and I are both delighted and deeply impressed.

Master told us that righteous or unrighteous spontaneous thoughts can bring about different consequences. We should keep every single thought of ours on the Fa and use righteous thoughts to deal with every matter. If our thoughts are not righteous, we can miss saving a life that is predestined to be saved by Dafa.

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