(Minghui.org) Guards at the eleventh ward of Shandong Province Prison have used various means of brutal torture on Falun Gong practitioners, including beatings, torture positions, not allowing practitioners to sleep, stabbing them with toothpicks, burning them with cigarettes, and so on.

This ward is responsible for processing paper bags for milk from the Ouye Company, Jinan City. The money made from this determines how much bonus the prison guards receive. Thus the guards force practitioners and other prisoners to work intensely for about 10 hours a day. They have to do the work in the basement of the educational building, which has no sunlight and no fire exits.

Below is an account of recent cases of torture of Falun Gong practitioners detained in the eleventh division.

Mr. Li Yunzhao was imprisoned on April 19, 2014. The first day there, three prisoners tried to force Mr. Li to write the “three statements” to renounce Falun Gong. The prisoners, Yang Hongyou, Wang Kedong, and Chen Shikai, beat him brutally for refusing to comply. Mr. Li lost a front tooth from the beating.

Mr. Zhang Shengqi, from Laizhou City, Shandong Province, is retired from the military. He was sentenced to five years in prison for his belief in Falun Gong. He has been incarcerated in a small cell in the prison in Shandong since May 13, 2014. Director Li Wei instigated other prisoners to beat him for speaking out against the persecution of Falun Gong.

Mr. Jiang Guanmin and Mr. Zhang Honjin refused to do forced labor and thus were put in small cells by Li Wei and deputy instructor Zhou Shanzhi on August 21 and 22 of 2014, respectively.

Mr. Chen Youtian was brutally tortured by prisoners Zhang Fengshun, Wang Xiaoyu, Shi Qixiang, and Mu Ruizhang (who has been released) between March and July of 2012. They often beat and kicked him, stabbed toothpicks underneath his fingernails, burned his fingernails with cigarettes, reduced his meals and water, and restricted restroom use and sleep; sometimes they did not let him sleep the entire night.

During the day, Mr. Chen was often forced to sit straight on a small stool or had to squat down while holding his arms parallel to the ground and holding an ashtray. If he could not hold the position, he was brutally beaten. He passed out three times as a result of the torture.

Mr. Zheng Xiaoqiang was tortured by police officers and was subjected to sleep deprivation for almost a month.

Prisoners Rewarded for Beating Practitioners

Prisoner Yang Hongyou was from northeast China. He was convicted for robbery, destruction of public property, etc. In prison, he often violated the rules by gambling, fighting, and using cell phones. But because he beat Falun Gong practitioners, guards Li Wei, Hu Bo, and others often covered for him.

Prisoner Wang Kedong was found guilty of murder, but because he actively followed orders and beat Falun Gong practitioners, he was released on parole.