(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners are routinely beaten and tortured in Gansu Province Women's Prison. The following accounts are just a small example of the severe abuses taking place there.

Ms. Liu Guihua Brutally Beaten and Abused by Inmates

Ms. Liu Guihua, a preschool teacher, was arrested and detained in the Gansu Province Women's Prison for talking to people about Falun Gong and the persecution. A drug offender, Mei Ju, often berated her. Inmate Lu Yan prevented Ms. Liu from using the toilet, causing her to soil her pants sometimes.

Lu and inmate Ya Qin once stripped Ms. Liu and viciously beat her. Ms. Liu called on the guards loudly for help. However guard Wei Liling stayed in her office and pretended not to hear. More inmates joined the torture before the lunch. They poured basins of cold water on Ms. Liu's naked body and mocked her by calling it a shower. Ms. Liu lay on the ground, shaking with cold. The inmates stuffed a towel in Ms. Liu's mouth to keep her from crying out.

After lunch, Lu continued to torture Ms. Liu. She wiped Ms. Liu's private parts with some tissues and then put the tissue into her mouth. Then they continued to pour cold water on her.

Lu Yan also struck Ms. Liu's face until her nose bled and she spat out blood.

Once, when Ms. Liu had just returned from the prison hospital to her cell, she was too weak to walk and lay on the floor. Guard Ding Yan shocked her with an electric baton.

70-year-old Liu Cuifang Tortured

Ms. Liu Cuifang, in her 70s, was taken to Gansu Province Women's Prison in early 2015. When she was unable to recite the 38 prison rules, inmate Niu Ailing beat and kicked her. She was forced to stand for long hours or work through the night.

Ms. Li Qialian Beaten and Subjected to Brainwashing

Ms. Li Qiaolian was beaten by inmate Wang Nai in the restroom. Wang first adjusted the camera monitor in the restroom and then viciously hit Ms. Li's face, causing her face to swell.

It was the second time that Ms. Li Qiaolian was taken to that prison. She also had to undergo brainwashing. She was forced to squat for long periods of time and to write the daily “thought reports.”

Ms. Zhang Xiaoming Beaten

Ms. Zhang Xiaoming talked to someone as she carried water and was therefore beaten in the restroom by drug offender Zhang Jinfang. Ms. Zhang's mouth was stuffed with a cloth to prevent her from calling for help.

Ms. Tuo Yanyun Humiliated

Inmates Cui Wenwen and Zhi Ying dragged Ms. Tuo Yanyun out of the restroom into the hallway. They stripped off her clothes to humiliate her. After that traumatic event, Ms. Tuo often had nightmares and cried uncontrollably upon waking up.

Contact Information:Gansu Province Women's Prison, PO Box 68, No.9 Development District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, 730046Gan Yumei (干玉梅), head: +86-13919199196, +86-931-8333502