(Minghui.org) The majority of the population in my region lives in rural villages, most of which were covered in our efforts to tell people about the persecution of Falun Dafa by the Chinese Communist Party.

Five of us local practitioners formed a team last June to cover as many villages as possible. We have visited more than 200 villages and given out over 10,000 Shen Yun DVDs to rural residents.

Rain or Shine, We Are Always On the Go

I bought an electric tricycle to get us around, but it took a while for the two practitioners who volunteered to drive to get the hang of it. We had some accidents at the beginning, which got me to look within to see why they happened.

I discovered that I had a heart of seeking comfort. Such attachments prevented me in the early years from seeing the need to talk to rural residents about Falun Dafa. I didn't enlighten to Master's arrangement for us to visit villages until last June.

Once I realized this, I became more determined to work with other practitioners to cover villages. After all, Master had made perfect arrangements for us, and we just needed to go out and talk to people.

Since last June, we have not stopped visiting villages for even one day. It was not always smooth sailing, but we pulled through.

Once when we came to a steep hill, we had to get off and push the tricycle uphill. At the top, we saw a small stream which we could not drive through, so we parked the tricycle nearby, then waded across.

Another time, it was raining heavily. We were traveling on a deserted road with no shops or even a village in sight. The road soon flooded and it was as if we were on a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean. We carefully protected the DVDs and waited patiently on the roadside until the rain abated.

We once handed out DVDs in a remote, mountainous village from 8 in the morning until well past 6 in the evening.

On another day, we set out on a very hot day and we were soon soaked in perspiration. In the afternoon, we stopped for a simple lunch of bread, pickled vegetables, and water. We reached 11 villages and gave out more than 500 DVDs.

Not one of us complained about the heat or other difficulties. Everyone knew clearly in their hearts that it is our mission to save sentient beings and regarded this as a great opportunity to temper ourselves in cultivation.

Fa-study is Key to Saving Sentient Beings

We believe that to do well in saving sentient beings, it is crucial to study the Fa diligently. No matter how busy we are, we find time to read the Fa, do the exercises, and send righteous thoughts every day.

All five practitioners, as well as others who sometimes joined us, paid attention to cooperating well and together we formed a solid one-body. Whenever we had conflicts, we looked within and resolved things calmly.

Villagers Are Awakening

I observed that people's moral sense is gradually awakening as Master eliminates the evil elements controlling them in other dimensions. We go to crowded areas to give out the DVDs and, most of the time, people eagerly take the discs when we tell them about the splendid shows.

Sometimes we are asked if the program is about Falun Gong. We then take the opportunity to tell them how the show drew inspiration from the spiritual practice. On a few occasions, the villagers gave us food and water to thank us for giving them Shen Yun DVDs. I have so many interesting tales to share but, due to space constraints in this article, I will just write about a few episodes.

A person once asked if this is about Falun Gong as we were giving out the discs. Everyone was stunned into silence for a moment. A middle-aged man then stood up and said, “What's wrong with Falun Gong? They cannot be defeated and are most admirable!” People seemed to be awakened by his words and asked for a DVD.

One day, we gave a man a DVD while he was outside his house. His face turned dark and threatened to report us to the police. I smiled and began to chat with him. I told him what a wonderful show Shen Yun is and how it has many stories about traditional Chinese culture. People overseas pay several hundred US dollars to watch the show and we should be proud of our rich culture. In the end, he asked his wife to take a disc and invited us for lunch at his house.

I feel very honored to be a Dafa disciple. Time is so precious now and there are so many people waiting to be saved. I hope to do better in cultivation and have fewer regrets in the future.