(Minghui.org) After listening to me talking about Falun Dafa for four years, my colleague Li finally decided to take up the practice. His family soon followed in his footsteps and started reading Zhuan Falun.

Li and I are from the same town. Four years ago, we started working at the same real estate company. He works in IT and I'm an accountant. He drives his car to work and I ride my motorcycle, but when the weather is bad he always offers me a lift.

Being from the same town we hang out a lot, so I had many opportunities to talk to him about Dafa, although I mostly focused on the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

He had received information about Dafa from practitioners before, and knows how to break through the Internet Firewall. He was critical of the CCP, but didn't want to quit the Party. Three years went by and his attitude had still not changed, which worried me.

Learning about Falun Dafa

Just before the last Chinese New Year holiday, we ran into each other in the elevator. He offered me a ride as it was raining, and I took him up on his offer. As we chatted, I realized that he had been reading articles about Dafa on the Internet.

We started to talk about the persecution, and he expressed his interest in reading Dafa books. When I'd told him about Dafa before, it was always in the third person, but now I knew it was time to let him know that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.

As we were passing by my former employer's business, I told him that I had been dismissed from there because I practice Falun Dafa.

He told me that he had felt very close to me ever since we'd met, and enjoyed hearing the stories I told him about reincarnation, divine culture and other dimensions. He said that a lot had happened in his life over the past few years and that he wanted to pursue a cultivation path, but wasn't sure how to go about it. I gave him the book Zhuan Falun and encouraged him to read it.

Since then, we drive together every day and share our understandings on the Fa and our cultivation experiences.

Watching Shen Yun

Li said that his celestial eye was opened, and that his arms felt heat when he did the Falun Dafa exercises. For him, Falun Dafa became the most important thing in his life. He said that he was a very rational person, and so far he has been convinced by what Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, has said in the Dafa books.

After the New Year holidays I took him to a fellow practitioner's home to watch Shen Yun on DVD. He was so excited, and he cried during the solo vocal performances. He said that he especially took to the words, “Fulfilling historic vows,” which he couldn't get out of his mind.

Family Benefits

Li's mother and wife soon started to read Zhuan Falun, and he asked me for three copies of the book.

His mother had been very ill for years and was bedridden at times. Li told me that one night he had a dream, in which Master was cleansing his mother's body, and then his mother was able to walk around the house.

When he got home from work the next day, he witnessed his mother walking out of the house. His mother had not been out of the house for several months.