(Minghui.org) I couldn’t fall sleep after sending righteous thoughts at midnight on August 19, 2017. When I turned over, I suddenly felt like throwing up. I spit out some some saliva in the bathroom, then lay down again. Several minutes later, my stomach began to feel queasy, so I went to the bathroom again.

Violent Reaction

I squatted on the floor, feeling very nauseated. I then spit out some food that I had eaten earlier for lunch, leaving a bitter, acrid taste in my throat. Then my heart began to pound. I kept sending righteous thoughts, begging Master to save me.

Shortly after, I felt like I was going to both vomit and have diarrhea. I thought, “What am I going to do? The house has been without water for the whole day! I won't be able to clean myself up or flush the toilet.”

Since I started practicing Falun Gong almost 20 years ago, I've rarely experienced any sickness karma. I felt that the word “sickness” had nothing to do with me or my life.

Master said:

"A human body should not become ill" (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun).

So, whenever my body felt uncomfortable or painful somewhere, I never paid it any mind. As a result, my symptoms quickly disappeared.

However, this time it felt like my stomach had turned upside down! Mucus started dripping out of my nose and tears welled up, but I didn't have the strength to wipe myself off.

Suddenly, the face of a young practitioner flashed across my mind. Her body was hard and swollen for a long time before she passed away two weeks ago.

I then recalled reading a Minghui.org article detailing how a practitioner who had lived alone had died. People around him didn't even know that he had passed away. I thought, “I live alone, too!”

Then, I became alert and thought, “What am I doing? I'm a Dafa disciple. Master is by my side and has given me a Falun. All the gods in the universe are watching me. I cannot bring shame to Master!” With these thoughts, I stood up straight and wiped my face.

Identifying My Attachments

I then felt a cold sensation in my stomach, followed by the cessation of all of my symptoms. When I went back to my room, I discovered that about 30 minutes had passed.

I laid on my bed thinking, “Why didn’t I feel better after I mumbled, 'Master please save me?' Why was I okay only after I remembered that Master was really by my side?”

I suddenly understood. My first thought was that of an everyday person’s thinking: I wanted my pain to stop. My second thought revolved around seeing myself as a Dafa disciple.

I delved deeper into why this event had occurred. Then, I realized that I often had the TV on in the late evenings so that I wouldn’t fall asleep before sending righteous thoughts at midnight. Although I was watching NTDTV programs, I often watched their regular TV series, too.

Film and television dramas are meant to capture the hearts and sentiments of ordinary people. As practitioners, we have a hard enough time letting go of sentimentality, yet I was pouring it into my mind! How could the old forces miss such a glaring loophole? Cultivation is serious.