(Minghui.org) Local government officials and police officers came to my home in September 2017 to take pictures for their record, as I was a Falun Gong practitioner. I happened to be away, and only my parents-in-law were home.

Upon hearing of the incident, I went with fellow practitioners to the local police station and attempted to talk to them about Falun Gong. We gave them a copy of the criminal complaint letter I had filed against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime who initiated the persecution of Falun Gong, and told them that none of China's laws prohibits the practice of Falun Gong. We also told them that the persecution was founded on lies and propaganda, including the self-immolation hoax and the fabricated “1,400 deaths.” The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) goal was to instigate hatred toward Falun Gong and its practitioners.

As we were about to leave, officers from the National Security Team arrested us.

Choosing Correctly

They took me to the detention center, where I was told to provide my name, get a haircut, have my body searched, and have a photo taken. I refused to cooperate and instead tried to clarify the facts about Dafa. In the end, they did not cut my hair.

While detained, I did the Falun Gong exercises and sent righteous thoughts daily. I told the guards that I did not violate any laws by practicing Falun Gong and following the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The arrest and detention were illegal, as was the persecution launched by Jiang. Therefore, I would not cooperate.

In a sharp contrast to the overall harsh environment in the detention center, many people including the center director, the political instructor, guards, assistant guards, and inmates treated me with respect.

One day at lunchtime, the director came to inspect cell sanitation. Those inmates who were not wearing uniforms were punished. A female guard pointed at me and said, “You are not wearing a uniform either.” The director said, “She is a Falun Gong practitioner, and she is allowed.”

On the day of my trial, I did not wear the uniform. The political instructor told me, “I know about your case. Today is your opportunity to explain it loud and clear to the judge.”

One day the assistant guard had a roll call in the hallway. As he called my name and I was about to tell him about Falun Gong, he said to me, “You are a practitioner. We wouldn't bother you.”

Representing the Goodness of Falun Gong

I treated all the inmates as family because I knew they were victims of the atheist propaganda and needed to know about Falun Gong.

Through practitioners' words and deeds, they learned that Falun Gong is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. By reciting these powerful words, those who suffered insomnia were able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, and those who suffered from indigestion, back pain and high blood sugar had their health restored. Whenever they were depressed, in tears, or angry, I would comfort them and calm them down with the principles and wisdom from Falun Gong.

I told them how I had changed from a person with many health problems and a cynical outlook on life. They were quite receptive to my stories and reasoning.

When the toilet became clogged, I fixed it. When the trash can and sewer opening were dirty, I was the one to clean them. The inmates were moved, and I told them that I did it because I practice Falun Gong.

When a drug dealer inmate was sick and bedridden for over a month, I took care of her. I helped her bathe and washed her clothes. She was touched and told me that she was indebted to me and that she believed what I told her about Falun Gong.

During a water shortage in the spring of 2018, although there was a limit on water use, the head inmate offered me more water from the quota for our cell and said that no one would mind if I received more water.

Supportive Guards

Throughout my year of detention, three different people served as the female guard position in charge of our cell.

As I refused to give my name when I arrived at the detention center, the female guard did not provide me with the daily necessities, such as a quilt, rice bowl, and wash basin. After I did the same the next day, she told me that if a Falun Gong practitioner is beaten to death, no one would be punished.

“That is indeed the evil order by Jiang Zemin,” I said. “However, it is a universal law that good is rewarded with good and evil is punished. Those officials arrested recently for corruption all participated in the persecution of Falun Gong, which is a deed the heavens will not let go unpunished.”

At this moment, a male guard walked into my cell and asked what was going on. I started to talk to him about Falun Gong. He then brought my quilt and other items. Later, I wrote a letter to the female guard to tell her that the reason I did not cooperate with her was to resist the persecution, and more importantly, to make more people aware of the injustice so they could stand on the side of practitioners.

Since my arrest, I had wanted to sue the responsible personnel from the National Security Team. Initially, when I asked the guard in charge of my cell for a pen and paper, she refused to provide it. One day I conjoined my hands in front of my chest and pleaded to Master for help. I felt energy in my body and knew that Master was purifying my body and it was a hint of encouragement.

As she did not bring the requested items, I realized that my xinxing must not have reached the required level, so I sent righteous thoughts and focused on this matter. Within a few days, she brought me the pen and paper I had been asking for. She also brought red ink so that I could fingerprint the letter. She then helped me submit my complaint letter to higher authorities.

Then, a new guard was assigned to my cell. As I talked to her about Falun Gong, she was very receptive. Because I could not argue on my own behalf in the court trial after my lawyer was forcibly removed from the courtroom, she got me pen and paper so that I could write a letter to the presiding judge in my own defense. She was supportive and helped me turn in the letter to the court.

When it was 40 days to the end of my detention term, I wanted to write an appeal letter and ask for an immediate and unconditional release. After several rounds of truth-clarification, she agreed to bring a pen and paper and helped me submit my appeal letter to the relevant authorities.

Battling Evil

During the two interrogation sessions, I refused to be handcuffed. But, when the authorities forced me to be examined in a psychiatric hospital, I gave in to their demand and agreed to wear handcuffs and shackles. Afterward, I found that my space in other dimensions was filled with dark matter, and my sleep was plagued by blurry dreams where I was unable to tell right from wrong. Soon after that, the National Security Team submitted fabricated evidence to the procuratorate.

My family and friends hired four lawyers, with one being from out of town. He advised me to lie about the paper money that had handwritten words about Falun Gong; he claimed it was a white lie and justified. Although I initially resisted, I was eventually swayed and signed the document with the lie due to my reliance on the lawyer and the fear that he would quit.

Another time, he asked me to sign a legal document that conceded that my practice of Falun Gong was illegal. I signed it against my will as well, thinking the lawyer must know defense techniques best. Later, I was tormented and regretful. I realized I did not behave well the first time and that Master had arranged another chance for me. Yet, I let it slip through again and did not conduct myself based on the Fa. My mistake caused the lawyer to be removed from the court the day of my trial.

Due to my falling short of the Fa's requirements, the evil forces took advantage of my loophole. I was convicted and sentenced to a one-year term. My lawyer had the courage to fulfill his mission and defend a practitioner's innocence in court. Yet Falun Gong practitioners must act strictly according to the Fa; otherwise, the evil would interfere. If I had behaved righteously, my lawyer would have acted righteously. This was what Master truly wanted.

I faced all kinds of battles with the evil during my detention. Another time I learned from an official from the National Security Team that my parents were asking for a psychiatric evaluation of me, claiming that I had a mental illness. Upon hearing this, I was very upset with my parents and complained in my mind, “My illnesses were all cured after practicing Falun Gong. How can you still not believe in Master and Falun Gong?” Holding the grudge, I kept falling drowsy while sending righteous thoughts, doing Falun Gong exercises, and reciting the Fa. Then, I realized my attachment and human emotions. So I admitted my mistake to Master and pleaded in my heart, “I don't want to be released on bail for medical attention or probation. I want an unconditional release without a conviction.”

Conquering Illness Karma

During the one-year detention, I had four cases of illness karma. During two of them, my belly was so severely bloated and painful that I could not sit upright. I told Master that I would not accept anyone's arrangements but Master's. I then sent righteous thoughts and did not stop reciting the Fa and doing the exercises. When the pain was unbearable, I would lie down and recite, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” The first time, I recovered in just one day. The second time, it took three days for me to break through.

One morning as I was sitting in bed reciting the Fa, my heart suddenly felt a strong force pulling on it, causing a sharp pain. I immediately sweated profusely. I pleaded for Master's help while sending righteous thoughts. The pain did not subside. Then I started saying, “I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Master is right by my side.” The pain then started to ease up a little with each such recitation, and it eventually went away.

Later I had another episode of such illness karma. As the old method of reciting did not help as much this time, I pleaded to Master for hints. Then I realized I must let go of the notion of self. Soon the pain disappeared. I knew Master once again saved me from the evil old forces.

Practitioners Should Not Sign Detention Documents

I want to hereby voice my opinion regarding an article published on Minghui Weekly where a fellow practitioner suggested that we should sign the detention document and keep it as evidence of the persecution. I don't think such conduct is founded on the Fa. The detention documents bear language that slanders Falun Gong, and our signature would amount to acquiescence to such slander. In fact, the persecution is beyond any denial, and the detention documents do not need our signatures in order for them to be valid evidence.

The day I was released, I was supposed to sign and fingerprint six documents. However, I did not cooperate and instead kept clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. I was released.