(Minghui.org) I am a college lecturer. I would like to share a few of my cultivation stories in hopes that more people can realize the magnificence of Falun Dafa.


Although I was very kind and naive when I was a child, I changed when I grew up. I pursued fame and money and fought for them. My life was stressful and I ended up with stomach problems, heart disease, and low blood pressure.

My stomach issues were getting worse and worse at one point. The doctor told me to take medicine to prevent stomach cancer, because my father had died from stomach cancer. My mother often heard a voice say to her, “Like your husband, your son will die at 36.” I felt powerless and could not do anything about it.

In May 1996, I somehow acquired four Falun Gong books. Zhuan Falun was one of them. I began reading Zhuan Falun at around noon and immediately sensed its energy. I felt that my mind and body were being purified. I could not hold back tears as I read. So many questions that had puzzled me for some time were answered.

When I finished the book at 9:00 that night, I felt that I had been completely reborn. At that very moment, I made up my mind to cultivate Falun Dafa. From that day on, all my ailments started to disappear. I was 36 years old at the time.

Remaining Steadfast

During the following three years, I gained deeper understandings of the Fa principles and experienced some of the things that Master mentioned in the book. I became more steadfast in my cultivation.

In May 1999, I suddenly didn't feel well. I had a fever and coughed. Even though I could not eat much and grew weak, I did not take any medicine. I instead kept studying the Fa, believing in Dafa and Master. I saw the words in the book grow larger and larger and fly into my head. My symptoms disappeared in three days. I knew Master had eliminated my karma and I thanked him sincerely.

My symptoms came back again the next day however and were even worse. With my limited understanding, I did not know why this was happening, but I knew it was not sickness and that I would be fine under Master's protection. So I did not want to go to the hospital even though my family and friends all urged me to.

When I got worse, I finally agreed to go to the hospital because I did not want to tarnish Dafa's reputation if anything bad happened to me. When X-rays showed that my lungs were black, the doctors said that there was no hope for me and refused to admit me. But my family did not want to give up on me and begged them until they finally had me admitted.

The doctor on-duty gave me medicine to reduce the fever. But I knew that I was not sick, so I asked Master to help me with my cough and fever. It worked. I stopped coughing and my temperature returned to normal.

A few days later, I suddenly lost my eyesight. But I remained calm and did not worry because I believed in Master. My eyesight returned shortly afterward. During the first few days at the hospital, I studied the Fa every day in my room. Later, I did the exercises outside every day despite my condition. When I held up my arms to do the second exercise, they felt so heavy that my whole body shook. But I kept them up until the end.

I miraculously recovered within 20 days. By the time I left the hospital, the doctors had not found the root cause of my “sickness.”

Looking Lightly on Fame and Personal Gain

After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I used the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to guide my behavior, and tried to take fame and personal gain lightly. As the economy boomed, even teachers in my college fought with each other over salary increases, promotions, and housing allocations.

Whenever I thought of using ordinary people's tactics to resolve conflicts, Master's teachings in Zhuan Falun appeared in my mind and I immediately knew what to do. It always made me feel good when I followed Dafa's guidance.

I did most of the work on one project, from its design and implementation to delivery. The school later nominated this project to be in a provincial competition. But when the school official filled out the application form, he put my name last on the list. Colleagues who barely did anything were all listed above me. When I saw the application, I did not say a word and turned it in. But the recipient knew that I'd done most of the work and asked me if there names were in the correct order. He told me I could take it back and resubmit it. When I told him that it didn't matter, he reminded me that the name order would affect future benefits, like housing allocations, salary increases, and promotions. I reassured him, but he was still uncertain. The project did indeed win the award.

When I was promoted to be the director, I did not behave like an authority figure. I instead still thought like a teacher. I communicated with the teachers and asked their opinions before making decisions. I conducted the school's affairs by the rules and did not take any bribes. I also expected the teachers to do the same. The whole school was administered honestly and took on a new look. Many teachers said, “We chose a good director.”

The Power of Compassion

While I was striving to become a better person, the persecution began in July 1999. I went to Beijing a few times to appeal for justice for Falun Gong.

On my first trip, I was arrested in Beijing and detained in a police station. The police ordered the inmates to beat the practitioners. I pitied the inmates and did not want them to do wrong, but I did not know where to start in talking to them. When one of them was about to hit me, a sentence came out of my mouth, “You should learn Falun Gong.” He stopped, looked at me, and said, “Why do you choose to suffer? They (the police) have their ways to deal with you.” I answered, “That's my faith.” The other inmates changed their attitudes toward us and became sympathetic. The compassion of Dafa melted their hearts.

When I went to Beijing again, I was detained in a detention center. Because I went on a hunger strike to protest, they tied me up to a door for 36 hours. The pain in my back was excruciating. When I was finally let down, I told the police officer who untied me, “Please tell your director to treat Falun Gong practitioners kindly, and that I don't hate him.”

He started to cry and left the room. He later bought a box of instant noodles for me and asked another officer to give them to me. I realized that he knew that practitioners were good people. I didn't get a chance to see him again. When I left the detention center, I asked another officer to tell him for me, “Please read Zhuan Falun.”

Girl Blessed

I once visited my relative, who is a college professor. He has a daughter who was in sixth grade at the time. Her grades were so bad that she was almost at the bottom of her class. Her father often argued with her and scolded her about her grades. I talked to her and told her about Falun Gong. She listened very carefully and believed everything that I said.

The next day she had her finals, so I tutored her in math, and we solved a math problem together. She ended up scoring second in her class! Her father was so ecstatic that called me with the news. Her attitude toward Dafa brought her instant blessings.

During my past 20 years of cultivating, I have experienced so much, and no words could ever express my feelings about Dafa. We all have our own personal stories and experiences. I only hope that more people can learn the truth about Dafa and recognize that the Chinese regime is lying so that they will have a bright future.