(Minghui.org) I am a female millennial who started practicing Falun Dafa in 2007. I started memorizing Zhuan Falun in 2009 on the recommendation of fellow practitioners. My method was to memorize one paragraph at a time. When I was done with the paragraph, I would move on to the next, and I never went back. It was a good way for me to concentrate better during Fa study. This year, at the suggestion of fellow practitioners, I started to memorize the book by its topics and I found that even more effective.

I had initially been recording the number of times I had memorized the whole book, which gave me not only a clear picture of the number of times I had done it, but also how long it had taken each time. The long list in my notebook gave me a sense of achievement and was a source of pride when the topic came up in conversations with other practitioners. I later realized that this was a human attachment, so I stopped recording the number of times I had memorized the book, and eventually deleted the notes about it on my cell phone.

Twice Interrupted

I was on my third round of memorizing Zhuan Falun in 2009 when I encountered a big xinxing test and stopped my Fa memorization routine for a month or two. Another big xinxing test occurred at the start of 2012 which led to a more than six-month break. I continued to study the Fa during these periods, but I stopped memorizing it.

Thinking back to when I had the two xinxing tests, I would say that if I had persisted with my Fa memorization, I would have remained a lot calmer and more focused, which would have made passing the tests a lot smoother. I remember reading an experience sharing article from a fellow practitioner who said that if you could persist in memorizing the Fa, your cultivation path would surely be more smooth and steady, and if you were struggling that would almost certainly be because you had not persisted with your Fa memorization. I found that to be quite true.

A Wonderful Experience

The biggest benefit of memorizing the Fa is that it enabled me to focus my full attention on studying the Fa. The words were etched into my mind and acted as a constant guide during my everyday cultivation.

Sometimes during my Fa memorization sessions, I would suddenly enlighten to something new and be filled with excitement. Most of the time though, I felt nothing, but that didn't mean that it wasn't effective. I remember once I was doing it on a crowded and noisy train ride, and for no apparent reason, I was smiling and found everything around me delightful.

After I had memorized Zhuan Falun a few times, I realized that I have not been memorizing the headings on the content pages, so I quickly started on them. I found myself crying while doing this, even though I did not feel particularly sad or emotional. I think that was my knowing side becoming aware of Master's compassion.

I moved to a new place last year and it would take more than an hour to get to work on the subway. I started memorizing Hong Yin during my commutes to and from work. The subway was always overcrowded during these peak hours, and many passengers were highly agitated, so arguments occurred frequently. However, I would feel wonderful, immersed in Master's beautiful poems, and would sense my confined space growing bigger and bigger.

After I finished memorizing the four volumes of Hong Yin, I started reading the English version of the same books. This occurred around the time when I needed to read a lot of materials in English for work. Reading Hong Yin in English helped improve my English considerably.

Changes Evident Every Time I Finished Zhuan Falun

“Question: I heard that every time we finish reading Zhuan Falun, we can get rid of a layer of shell? (Laughter among students.)

Teacher: Don’t laugh. I think it does indeed have that power. What you learn reading Zhuan Falun the first time won’t be repeated when you read the book the second time. That’s why I tell you to read more and read a lot. The reason you can awaken to higher principles is that you have advanced to another realm. If you haven’t reached that realm, you won’t be allowed to know principles at that level.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference”)

With such high-quality Fa study, I found marked changes in myself every time I finished memorizing the whole book. A number of things would occur, such as making a significant breakthrough in my xinxing after gaining new insights, or having passed a large tribulation test, or even spotting one coming. A similar pattern has repeated itself over the many years I have been memorizing the Fa. Sometimes, when I looked at the long list of records I used to keep on my progress, I felt somewhat emotional and at the same time doubted whether I really did go through that many tests. However, when I looked more closely at some of the instances I had recorded, I could actually recall very specifically the tests I faced and passed.

Study the Fa Well, Be Guided and Nurtured by the Fa

Master said:

“When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

I have come to the understanding that as long as I keep studying the Fa well, I will be able to overcome any tribulation and shed any attachment. The almighty Fa has the power to nurture and shape anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to absorb it.

When I first started cultivating, I knew I was a very sentimental person – be it in my love life, family life, or in my friendships with others. I was constantly troubled and felt entangled in all these human relationships. All I could do was avoid thinking about them. Fast forward more than 10 years to the present, and people and events that had tormented me so much many years before still come to mind sometimes, but I will look at them with detachment, as if it is a movie that has nothing to do with me personally.

In 2013, I rented an apartment along a main street. On the ground floor, a row of shops constantly blared out pop music, romantic songs, etc. I blocked my ears with noise-canceling earplugs but somehow that romantic music and those lyrics still managed to get through. It was intolerable for me as my emotions were stirred up again.

I have moved a few times since and am now living on a main road again. Across the road is a public square where dancing and music go on at all hours of the day. I am no longer bothered by it. I can still maintain my Fa memorization routine and feel peaceful in my mind. It’s really wonderful, come to think of it. I have changed so much over time without realizing it.

After more than 10 years of practice, Falun Dafa has already taken root in my life. I will certainly keep advancing on my cultivation path, no matter how long that may be.