(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to have been born into and raised by a Falun Dafa practitioner family. My mother told me that she started to read Zhuan Falun and Hong Yin to me when I was two years old, and that I could recite some poems from Hong Yin at the age of three.

Although I could see things in other dimensions, I kept this to myself. However, when I grew older and started to share cultivation experiences with my mother I told her that I had this ability, and described some of what I saw. She encouraged me to write it down in the hope that it could help fellow practitioners advance more diligently in their cultivation.

Shocking Scene When Joining the Young Pioneers

I entered first grade when I turned six years old. As is customary in China, all students at my grade level were required to join the Young Pioneers, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) youth organization.

I was filled with apprehension whenever I thought about having to wear the CCP's blood-red scarf. My mother agreed that I should not join, and clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to my teacher. My teacher was very understanding and supportive of our decision.

On the day of the swearing-in ceremony, my teacher took me to the campus garden and told me to stay there until the ceremony was over.

As I watched the ceremony from afar, I saw a shocking scene with my celestial eye. As my classmates received the “glorious” red scarfs, bottles of poison were put into their hands. They felt a gust of cool air, and I saw a gust of wind surrounding everyone. The sky was clear except for a few clouds that formed a skull and let out bursts of ghastly laughs. I started to cry for my classmates and for myself because I lacked the courage to rescue them.

Interfering With the Flag Raising Ceremony

Most schools in China hold a flag raising ceremony once a week. I frequently battled with the CCP spirits in other dimensions when I was in the fifth grade. I sent righteous thoughts when it was time to raise the CCP national flag and sing the Chinese anthem. It seemed that the more I sent righteous thoughts, the harder it became to raise the flag. I was delighted when watching the problems in raising the CCP flag, but I was overzealous at the time, and could not prevent the flag from being raised.

I then searched within for my shortcomings while sending righteous thoughts. Little by little the voices of my classmates singing the national anthem became weaker and weaker, until the flag came loose, fell down, and became soiled.

CCP Symbol Harms Teacher and Students

When a teacher was giving a speech praising the CCP and its flag at the flag raising ceremony, a horrific scene appeared before my eyes. The teacher's forehead was marked with the CCP symbol – hammer and sickle, which emanated an evil substance. The hammer and sickle ripped open his skull, and started sucking his brain. A poisonous liquid was then poured into his skull to function as his brain.

The poisonous, evil substance attracted many evil creatures who attacked the students. I could not take it any longer, so I closed my eyes and sent righteous thoughts.

I kept repeating, “Teacher, you must stop your evil speech immediately. It will ruin your future.”

Upon emitting this thought, I saw countless golden rays of energy coming from my body, piercing through the darkness and destroying many of the evil spirits. The teacher stopped his speech and walked off the podium, while the remaining evil spirits fled. The hammer and sickle then retreated into the teacher’s head.

Stopping CCP Song

Evil spirits congregated when classmates read the CCP textbook. The louder their voices, the more evil spirits appeared.

When the student body president of my class was singing a CCP song I saw the darkness inside his head. I was worried and said in my mind, “Please stop the singing. It is totally evil.” At that moment, a classmate approached him, started to chase him, and slapped his face, so he stopped the singing.

Being Disrespectful to the Fa

I could sometimes see certain things in other dimensions while at home.

When my mother was listening to Master's Fa lectures, I saw a golden Buddha sitting by her side. When she picked up her phone, the Buddha's golden aura faded. The Buddha looked at the phone in disappointment, while two ghosts were approaching. That is when mother realized that it was disrespectful to the Fa to use her phone while listening to Fa lectures.

She then turned off the audio player and focused on her phone. The Buddha disappeared and a ghost with an evil grin on his face arrived at my mother's side.

I told her what I just saw, so she turned off her phone and resumed listening to the Fa lecture. The Buddha immediately reappeared, emanating a magnificent golden aura, while the ghosts disappeared.