(Minghui.org) In our Fa study group there are several young practitioners who don’t get together often because of their school schedules. We often gather them during summer and winter breaks so that they can study the Fa and share together.

Many of them, though young, have things we can learn from in their personal cultivation and Fa validation. I’d like to share some of them.

1. Very Shy Girl Stands Up Against Slander in Front of Class

Tong was born in 2002. Her parents were persecuted for practicing Falun Going and she’s suffered greatly since childhood. All the tribulations didn’t seem to scar her, and, instead, grounded the divinity and greatness of Dafa deep in her heart.

Because of the persecution, Tong’s family is financially strained. She often wears the same shirt for a few days without changing it. The girls around her often have new clothes and the topics among them are often about designer clothes, fashion and styles. Nonetheless, Tong never feels inferior.

A good friend of Tong’s once asked her, “How come you often wear the same shirt?”

She replied, “As long as my shirt is clean, I don’t see the need to change it often.”

When she told this incident to her mother, her mother asked if she felt bad. She replied, “Buddha Sakyamuni once was a prince and he left all the wealth and status to be a monk and suffer. What I experience is nothing compared to that.”

When she was in middle school one day, one of her teachers decided to talk about “cults.” Tong’s heart almost jumped out of her chest thinking the teacher was going to defame Falun Dafa.

As she expected, her teacher did.

Tong immediately stood up and stopped her teacher. “It’s nothing like what you said.” Having to utter each word with great difficulty, Tong talked about her understanding and the self-immolation in Tiananmen. Her face was red the entire time.

She said, “I didn’t have time to think. It hurt me as soon as I heard the words that defame Dafa.” She wished she had been able to explain things more thoroughly, but she felt some of the students were touched by what she said.

2. We Shouldn’t Become Part of the Propaganda

Xin is 16 and became a practitioner in 2015. Both his parents are practitioners. He diligently follows the Fa principles, to the extent that many veteran practitioners were amazed.

Schoolwork is demanding but Xin performed very well academically. If he had spare time, he would come join us to study the Fa. He rarely wastes his time on games and the Internet as other children do.

When conflicts arose between him and his classmates, he would conduct himself based on the Fa: “As practitioners, you won’t fight back when you’re beaten or sworn at.” (Zhuan Falun)

Shortly after Xin became a practitioner, an argument broke out between Xin and a classmate. The classmate said something very hurtful and Xin was about to fight back.

Suddenly his thoughts turned blank and Master’s words emerged: “If we encounter these problems, we should not compete and fight like others. If you do what that person did, aren’t you an ordinary person?” (Zhuan Falun)

Xin calmed down and apologized. They mended their relationship quickly.

Xin often read truth clarification literature and knew a lot about the CCP. When he was in 7th grade his school held a singing competition to celebrate the CCP’s reign. To make matters worse, Xin was selected to perform a major singing role in his class. He was very reluctant and worried. He frequently sent righteous thoughts those days.

One day a topic came up between a few lead singers commenting on the song chosen being too old-fashioned. Xin seized the opportunity and proposed, “Let’s sing something else other than praising the Party.”

They went to the teacher and, to his surprise, the teacher agreed with them. Xin concluded, “Our thoughts must be righteous when it comes to things like this. We should not become a mouthpiece for the CCP.”

3. Firmly Refuses to Join Communist Youth League

Dongfang’s parents are both practitioners. He has cultivated since he was very young and is now a college student. He always sits in the lotus position with both hands holding the book when studying the Fa.

When he was in middle school, his teacher asked everyone in the class to join the Communist Youth League. Dongfang told his teacher that he didn’t want to. The teacher explained to him that it was a school’s rule.

Dongfang didn’t relent. “It should be my choice whether to join or not,” he said. “I don’t want to.”

His teacher grew impatient. “It’s not about what you want. Everyone joins. Go away now.”

Dongfang had no intention to leave. He stared at his teacher and clearly spoke each word. “I simply do not want to join.”

His teacher was stunned by his behavior. Another teacher nearby came to the rescue and said, “If the student didn’t want to join, so be it. He must have his reasons. Let’s not force him into it.”

Dongfang was the only student in his class who didn’t become a member of the League.

4. Follows Her Auntie

Hui is 18 this year and she looks elegant and beautiful. In this morally degenerated society, university students are not as pure as they used to be. However, Hui held herself to the standards of the Fa and did not go with the flow.

Hui’s aunt is a practitioner. Since she was little, Hui has been following her aunt around and constantly studying the Fa with her. When asked whether modern society had negative impact on her, she didn’t think so.

“I learned Dafa from my earliest memories. The Fa principles are deeply rooted in me. I am not interested in any of the temptations in society.” It was easier said than done. Without a solid foundation of the Fa in one’s mind, it is very hard for anyone to do so.

When Hui was about five years old her aunt was about to leave her home, but Hui chased after her. As Hui’s mother stopped her, she told her mother, “I wasn’t supposed to be born in your family. I follow auntie.”

Many of the young practitioners are able to do well and validate the Fa in this secular world because of the years of constant Fa study and assimilating to the Fa.

There are also young practitioners who gradually deviated from the Fa as they grew up and got lost in this world. Many have morally deteriorated.

I hope veteran practitioners will pay more attention to the young practitioners around you and encourage them to study the Fa more and walk well on the path of cultivation.