(Minghui.org) I am a 34-year-old practitioner from the Middle East. I was very interested in mystical issues when I was a teenager. I read stories about mystics, and sometimes I used to imitate their cultivation ways. I was always interested in these topics. After entering the university, and then the social arena and work, I lost not only those interests but also all my beliefs. The general religion that is prevalent in this country is by no means the answer to my questions. I decided to study other religions, but at the very beginning I realized that this is not my way and they did not answer any of the questions within me, so I did not continue. In the end I lost all my belief in religion and divinity, and I considered myself an atheist.

Just when I no longer had any hope, I got a hold of a volume of Zhuan Falun from the brother of a good friend. The first time I saw the book in their home, I took a glance through it and asked him if it had brought him inner peace and he just answered “Yes.” Without another word, I closed the book.

Nine months passed, and during that time I was often in a strange mood. There were some kind of states that I had not recognized inside myself for many years. I became impatient and wondered what this feeling was about. I began to study the book of this country's religion again. And this time with full confidence I put it aside. I was sure what had been calling me was not that.

The light of hope was flaring in my heart. At that time, I saw the book (Zhuan Falun) with one of my friends again, and she told me about Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. I quickly texted my friend's brother: “I want a volume of the book and how can I get one.” Finally, I received the book Zhuan Falun.

I read it several times over in two or three months. During the first round of reading I did not understand that much, but I felt that the meaning of the words and sentences was not as simple as what they seemed on the surface. In the second reading I noticed more things and a lot of my questions were answered. But new questions were raised, so I decided to ask the practitioner who had given me the book. The third time I read the book, not only were those questions answered, but I felt like all the words and sentences of the book came out from within me. I realized that I had found a treasure that I was not willing to let go until the end of my life. I had a sense of someone who had been lost for years and had now found her way home.

With continuous reading and continuous cultivation, I became clearer and more enlightened. Master, with boundless mercy, guided me step by step. At the very beginning, when he was refining my body, I suffered from a stomachache for about a month, which I had never experienced before in my life. The pain seemed to be endless and very severe. Sometimes I was tired and murmured about whether it would be possible to have this pain stopped for just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, one night because of the pain I just hugged the book and slept. I saw that I was in a place where there was a high mountain on my left side that people were climbing. I realized that they were practitioners, and each one was somewhere on that mountain and they were going on their own paths. There was a large building in the style of ancient Chinese architecture in front of me. An eagle was also flying in the sky. I stood bent over with pain, as I had one hand on my stomach and with the other hand I held the book Zhuan Falun. I was studying with a practitioner who was on top of the mountain.

Although we were far away from each other, and I was down the mountain, our voices were clearly heard. As we were busy with reading, I realized that the eagle had entered the top floor of the building. In a little while it suddenly came down and stood up in front of me. I closed the book and hid it behind me. First he opened his huge wings and bowed. I was amazed and my fears disappeared so I nodded my head respectfully. He raised his head and looked at me. And then he moved his penetrating look to my right side, apparently wanting me to look in that direction. I followed his look. I saw that there is a door at my right side, which was half open. And I saw a lot of people passing by outside that door. All of them were distressed and unkempt. They were sick and confused and their faces were mostly pale. No one was fine. They did not see the door at all and just walked past it. When I saw this scene, I felt pity for them, wondering where they were going and why they had such a miserable situation. I woke up and realized that in fact I had entered that half-open door. And I realized that the physical pain was in fact the great mercy and was not really something bad and I never complained about it again. In fact Master has saved me and was purifying my body.

As I started to cultivate, many things in my life and the situation around me, including former health problems, have improved. It is as if there is a hand at work and it corrected all the bad and impure things in my surroundings. My whole family benefited from this. The circumstances of our family life before I started my cultivation were disordered and uneasy. My older brother was separated from his wife and had to live with us because of his newborn baby. My younger brother had failed in his new business and he, who had lived independently for a long time, had to live with us since he had lost everything.

Suddenly, my quiet and calm life with my father and mother in our villa became a complicated and unquiet life, and both psychological and physical pressure was brought to the entire family. There were other pressures in other aspects too. But after starting to cultivate, all of this changed within a year. There was obviously a hand at work that reconciled these situations. A skin disease that had been plaguing me for several years had improved and there were several small health problems that all became better.

We all witnessed so many miracles so that my mother and my younger brother started practicing cultivation too. The lifestyle of my younger brother changed completely. Whatever he had lost with the business failure was obtained again within one year. He had been addicted to smoking and alcohol for a few years, but through studying Zhuan Falun he was able to let them go and started a healthy life. This led my father and older brother to realize what Falun Gong cultivation practice is and how good it is.

Hearing the three words, Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, changed my life fundamentally and gave me a new life. I feel like I've been reborn. Since then I have been trying to live my life based on the principles of Falun Gong. Now I know that it is the wisdom of the creator and he has come to save all beings. I am very fortunate that I heard about it and entered this door. I'm trying to convey these words of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance to anyone I encounter or at least I hope that they see a trace of it in me. And I hope that one day there will be no one who has not heard about it. I sincerely hope that nobody will pass it by indifferently and miss this opportunity.