(Minghui.org) A woman who lives in the Irish countryside called me and asked if we could come to her home to teach her family the Falun Dafa exercises. We had a busy schedule that week, so I wondered how we could get there without delay.

I recall from the Falun Dafa teachings that when someone wants to learn Falun Dafa, we should teach them the exercises as soon as possible. I rearranged my schedule for the week and drove the hour and a half to the woman's home the following Saturday morning.

When I got there, her family gave me a very warm Irish welcome. She introduced me to her husband, a handsome American, and their two beautiful teenage children.

I was surprised to learn that the family had already been studying the Falun Dafa teachings and the exercises online.

They hoped, if possible, to learn the exercises outdoors. So we went to the shores of a nearby, very scenic lake. I was again pleasantly surprised to find that while I was teaching them the exercises, the father was explaining and helping his family with the movements.

After demonstrating the exercises, we went back to their house, which is on the edge of a very remote and scenic golf club. They shared with me the story of how they all became interested in Falun Dafa.

They came across Falun Dafa online, which included a lot of very negative things about it. They mentioned crazy things I had never heard of before about Dafa. And they came across very negative, ridiculous, propaganda about Master Li Hongzhi (the founder).

They decided to inquire and look into it on their own. They read Master’s lectures for themselves on the Falun Dafa website. As they researched and studied Dafa, they could find nothing evil in it whatsoever. They only found wholesome, good, and righteous things in Master’s lectures and in Dafa.

They realized that whoever was putting out all that negative propaganda was going completely over the top. They found nothing to merit such an unjust persecution. They realized that if someone were going to that extent to slander Falun Dafa, it could only be good. They could see that the Chinese Communist regime was counting on everyone to be ignorant and gullible enough to believe all their negative propaganda about Falun Dafa. The negativity made no sense to them. They independently realized that the persecution of Dafa is a depraved re-run of the persecution of the early Christians.

I shared with them that no fees or gifts are accepted for teaching the exercises and that the Dafa books are available to download free of charge online. Master has never asked us for anything for himself. I shared also that, although people regularly offer us money, we never accept it.

This was a very positive and insightful learning experience. The family is continuing to read Master’s lectures, and we will keep in touch with them and follow up to help with their exercises.