(Minghui.org) When my stomach first started to hurt in the winter of 2017, I did not think much of it and believed I was only eliminating sickness karma. Then it got worse until the pain was unbearable.

At my family's urging, I gave in and went to the hospital. After painful exams and treatment, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. But with Master's help, I sent forth strong righteous thoughts and strengthened my Fa study. Miraculously, I eventually recovered.

Sickness Symptoms a Big Tribulation

The severe pain in my stomach lasted about a month before I realized that it was time to improve my xinxing. I have always been short-tempered and did not always treat others with kindness. As soon as I realized what was really causing the pain, it went away.

Although I knew the cause of the problem, I was not strict with myself. I did not change my ways immediately to meet the standard of the Fa. The stomach pain returned last May, and I noticed a big lump in my abdomen. The lump grew so big that I couldn't raise my right leg or stand up straight.

My eldest daughter's wedding was only a month away, so everyone in the family urged me to see a doctor. I told them that I would not go and was pretty firm about it, so nobody pushed me.

I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2006, and Master (Li Hongzhi) purified my body. I had not taken a pill for the past 12 years. I knew this growth was just an illusion and a test to help me improve my xinxing.

Giving In to Family Pressure

When the lump kept growing, however, my resolve started to waver. My daughters and son-in-law finally took me to the city hospital for a CT scan and a blood sample. But the doctors could not figure out what was wrong.

The next day, they took me to the No. 301 Hospital in Beijing. The doctor did not recommend surgery and said the only thing they could do for me was to reduce the inflammation. It sounded pretty serious, and my daughter started crying.

The mother of my son-in-law suggested that I go see a doctor of Chinese medicine. He put me on a heavy dose of IV treatment, and I took medicine both orally and topically every day.

Pus eventually pooled inside the lump. The doctor inserted a big syringe into it to draw the pus out. The process was repeated a dozen times a day, every other day. The pain was excruciating. My legs and feet were all swollen. After a month of this, the lump shrank and the swelling had gone down.

Painful Procedures

To find out the actual cause of the lump, the doctor wanted to do a colonoscopy. The procedure was not very successful the first time and the results were questionable.

Although I knew full well that it was all an illusion and a test, I could not bear the pain, so I agreed to all the exams and treatments.

My daughter made an appointment for another colonoscopy. The doctor ordered me to drink extra fluid prior to the procedure to clean out my system. We waited for half a day, but I was unable to have a bowel movement, and the procedure had to be rescheduled.

I felt uncomfortably bloated with all the fluids inside of me. The medical staff then decided to pump out my system with a tube inserted into my stomach.

I refused, “No. I am going home. I will get rid of it.”

I only had one thought on the ride home, “Forget it. Even with only one breath left, I can still talk to people about Dafa and do as much as I can to help save them.”

As soon as we got to my daughter's apartment building, I threw up all the solution. I believe Master helped me, and I was finally able to go home.

I shared this with local practitioners, and we all agreed that, because I still had the thought to save people, Master was able to help me.

Diagnosed with Terminal Illness

My daughter called a few days later and said the doctor wanted to follow up and hopefully do the colonoscopy. I did not want to but went anyway to give her peace of mind. They said I had late-stage intestinal cancer and that it was too late to operate.

I knew all along in my heart that I did not have any illness. All of it was just an illusion and I refused to acknowledge it. I went along with my daughter's arrangements, however, and went back to the hospital.

After spending nearly 60,000 yuan on countless painful exams and treatments, modern medicine proved to be no help at all. The doctors gave up!

Returning Home to Dafa

The lump came back. I knew medicine could not heal it because this was not an “illness.” I threw away all the medications and thought about my dilemma long and hard.

I had suffered and lost so much weight in the process that I was now down to 110 pounds although I was over six feet tall. I decided that I would leave everything to Master. I started to spend a lot of time studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts. I wanted to improve and rectify myself based on the Fa.

A Miracle Occurs

The lump grew bigger and bigger and was very uncomfortable. I could not sit or lie down. I kept asking Master for help, and a miracle soon occurred.

I had a thumb-sized scar on my abdomen from my youth. The lump had stretched the skin, and the old scar became nearly transparent. Then it burst open, and all the pus that had accumulated inside the lump gushed out and stained my legs and the bed.

I called my practitioner-wife to come help. My youngest daughter came home just then and helped clean up the mess. We put gauze over the open wound and changed the dressing regularly. A few days later, the pus stopped draining and the scar healed by itself. I knew that Master had purified my body for me.

When I did the exercises the next morning, my body felt extremely light. Tears of gratitude instantly rolled down my cheeks!

Absolute Faith in Master and the Fa

I came to the realization that, if we have absolute faith in Master and the Fa at any given time, we can overcome anything. Master told us,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”(“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin Volume II, Translation Version A)

I can only repay Master's compassion by diligently and solidly cultivating from now on and doing well the three things we are asked to do.

A Special Thanks to Fellow Practitioners

I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the fellow practitioners who have helped me through this tribulation.

We have a vegetable field that needed tending almost every other day. Practitioners from our village and the neighboring village came to help me pick the vegetables, rain or shine. Over 30 local practitioners helped my family harvest the corn in the fall. They helped us like we were their own relatives.

The residents in my village saw what they did and remarked, “Look at those Falun Gong practitioners. They help each other out when in need!”

Many practitioners also came to study the Fa with me and sent righteous thoughts. They helped elevate my understanding of the Fa and overcome my sickness karma.

My sincere thanks to Master. My sincere thanks to fellow practitioners!