(Minghui.org) I started cultivating Dafa in July 1996, hoping that my illnesses would be cured. After only one week, I recovered from all my illnesses. Since then, I have remained healthy for over 20 years, and more importantly, Dafa upgraded my moral character.

Working in a Tough Environment

I started working in the kitchen of a foreign company at the end of 2018 – cooking for the employees. The company had about two dozen people working in two shifts, with about 17 people eating lunch and more than 20 people eating dinner.,The place was messy and unappetizing. In the kitchen the mice ran loose. Below the kitchen was the water room, and bathrooms, where cockroaches and rats were everywhere, and the floor was often wet with puddles of dirty water – a dirty and messy place. The working conditions were not pleasant.

I cleaned the kitchen and wiped the floor daily. With the contrast of the cleaned kitchen, the dirty and messy water room and bathroom were quite distinguishable. The manager reprimanded the man responsible for cleaning the water room and bathroom many times, angering the man, so he quit the job.

The manager then asked me to clean the water room, the bathrooms and also the workshop. After he offered to pay me an additional 900 yuan I accepted the assignment. I cleaned the bathroom, water room, workshop, and kitchen every day. However, I refused to take the garbage to the garbage dump, because the garbage dump was about a third of a mile away and my bicycle could only carry one bag of garbage each time. I was unable to take all the garbage to the garbage dump timely. The manager asked that man to continue to dump the garbage with his three-wheeled motorcycle. That man was unhappy.

When I asked him for garbage bags, the man told me that he had bought the garbage bag himself and took away all the garbage bags. He also took away the brooms. Without a broom, I had to pick up the rubbish from the workshop floor with my hands.

He obstructed my work, and he seemed to believe that I had taken away his job. I could finally remove the blockage from the drainage pipes, which looked as if someone had put it there to give me problems.

Looking Inside

Facing all these happenings, I kept calm and thought, “I am a Dafa practitioner. I must use every opportunity to improve my xinxing. Ordinary society is a big cultivation environment for us and I must put improving my xinxing as my first priority.”

I had never cultivated so diligently. I looked inside for the reason of the situation, and I found many attachments, including a showing off mentality, zealotry, attachment to personal gain, a competing mentality, arrogance and a tendency to compare my advantages to others’ disadvantages.

I thanked the man in my mind, “Without you causing me so much trouble and giving me such an environment for improving my xinxing, how could I elevate myself? I am a Dafa practitioner, and what I want is to improve myself. What ordinary people pursue is elusive, and developing higher energy is the most precious.”

I Became Compassionate and the Man Changed 

Since I truly cultivated myself, I became compassionate. I started to feel sorry for ordinary people since they live in illusion. I started to forgive them for their bad deeds, and paying more attention to their good qualities. The man since then became friendly, and stopped giving me long faces; he started greeting me when we ran into each other.

I came to understand that I must base my thinking on the Fa so that the lives I have contact with can obtain higher truths. I also realized that I should send righteous thought more often to eliminate the bad substances, demons, and the communist party specter, thus giving the sentient beings I come into contact with the opportunity to learn the truth about Falun Dafa.