(Minghui.org) Master mentioned being mindful of safety in several lectures, but many practitioners still haven’t taken it to heart. Some even think that Fa-rectification is near the end, and there are fewer and fewer negative factors left, so we can relax in regards to safety. This has allowed negative elements to take advantage of practitioners’ gaps and persecute them. 

Using the excuse of the Chinese Communist Party’s 70th year, local police and residential staff have been going to practitioners’ homes to harass them. Some practitioners have been arrested, detained, and sentenced. While much of this has to do with our cultivation, it is also related to some of us not being mindful of safety.

My understanding is that since Master talked about safety, it’s something that we should pay attention to as part of our cultivation. We cannot treat what Master says as just an ordinary reminder. The Fa has layers of meanings, and each person can realize different principles from it. Practitioners have different understandings and do things differently, because we are all at different levels. As long as one is enlightening based on the Fa, his actions are a reflection of his current level. We can share with each other and improve together, but we cannot force our own understandings onto others. We should not say that when other practitioners are being careful, that they are afraid.

Many practitioners have talked about safety and security on the Minghui website and have given several suggestions. For example, in order to prevent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from finding our location, we should not bring our cell phones when we study the Fa together or discuss a project. Practitioners should not call each other by using their own cell phones and we should not save practitioners’ numbers in our cell phones. If we want to record practitioners’ numbers, they should be encrypted. We should not ask practitioners where the materials came from, or what projects they are working on. When transferring materials, it is best to have a single contact.

I also think that we should avoid loudly mentioning practitioners’ names. Some of us really like to talk about other practitioners. Some even discuss other practitioners’ personal and family affairs. They go on and on and cannot seem to stop themselves. This is very rude behavior even by ordinary peoples’ standards. For a practitioner, it also has to do with cultivation of speech.

I think that if we really need to mention a practitioner, we could just say his last name or use his nickname. Because we are sharing something based on the Fa we do not need to pinpoint a specific practitioner. This way, we can prevent the CCP from acquiring other practitioners’ information.

Also, when we go to practitioners’ homes for group Fa study, we need to pay attention when arriving and leaving. We should not arrive or leave in groups. The Fa study times are usually fixed. If the same group of people is seen coming in and out, it could raise the attention of security personnel. If we see each other near the place where we study the Fa we should act as if we don’t know each other. It’s best not to have too many people in a Fa study group. Practitioners who are willing to have Fa study in their homes are remarkable, and it’s each practitioner’s responsibility to maintain the safety of the group.

Master said about the practitioners involved in Minghui:

“But those disciples can’t talk about it, and no matter what great things they’ve achieved, they have to keep those to themselves. It might be okay if it’s one or two days, or one or two years, but twenty years have passed in a flash. (Audience applauds) In fact, there are many disciples who work on Dafa projects quietly, and many other Dafa disciples are like that too, doing things quietly.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

We should really think about what Master said. In this special time and in the oppressive environment of China, we should really raise the standard of security and safety. This will greatly reduce our losses.