(Minghui.org) I lost the hearing in my left ear in July of this year. At first, I didn't pay it much attention, thinking it would be fine in a few days. My hearing became worse, however, which alerted me to the fact that this was serious. Why did this happen to a cultivator? There must be a reason. After calming down, I looked inward and realized that I had two strong attachments.

Mentality of Showing Off

Some fellow practitioners have hearing difficulties, which can make it a little hard to speak with them. I often gossiped about who is deaf, who has hearing difficulties, and so on. I thought that my hearing was still very good even though I was a few years older than another practitioner who has problems hearing. This behavior was caused by the mentality of showing off, a deeply hidden attachment. It was difficult to detect without paying close attention. It would manifest itself from time to time in different ways like speaking too loudly, interrupting others, repeating myself, worrying that I wasn't being understood by others, and comparing my own strengths to others' weaknesses. I realized that I must get rid of this mentality because it is very detrimental.

Attachment of Listening to the Radio

I have a habit of listening to the radio during lunch break. I understand this is an attachment and have tried to stop many times, but within a few days I would start again. After several months of failed efforts, I developed a hearing problem in one ear. I realized that I needed to be serious about this attachment. I used to think that it was not a big problem because most of the programs I listened to were about classical literature or historical events. I thought it was fine because these are not Party culture. Also, I preferred to enjoy a little entertainment, rather than take a nap during the lunch break. I realized I was wrong, because, although the radio programs are not purely Party culture, nothing is absolutely free of Party culture in China.

After I became aware of my problems, I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate them. I put the radio away and I have not listened to it since. Less than two weeks later, my hearing fully recovered.

This lesson helped me understand the seriousness of cultivation. I need to be more diligent, do the three things well, and return to my true home.