(Minghui.org) Doing the exercises when you first get up is the starting point of being diligent. If you do the exercises, send righteous thoughts, and recite the Fa first thing in the morning, you will set the tone for a good day. 

I’ve been doing the exercises early in the morning for four years, but have missed several days because of travel or some other reason. Since there is now music for doing the second exercise (Falun Standing Stance) for one-hour, I began to do that as well. But I skipped my routine for four days. For two of the days I was out of town, and one day I slept in because I ignored the alarm. On that day, I just did the sitting meditation.

It is an ordinary concept that sleeping for a short time will make me sleepy or influence my Fa study. It is not the case. I sometimes sleep for a very short time, but I study the Fa firmly and feel energetic.

It is when I am not diligent that I feel short of energy, even if I have slept for six hours.

One day, I was drowsy and sought comfort. My alarm rang, but I was too lazy to get up on such a dark, rainy day. When I finally awoke, I really regretted my decision.

Laziness and a desire for comfort are caused by demon nature, and we must get rid of it. I now clear them away with righteous thoughts whenever I realize their influence. I don't give them any chance to affect me. When my alarm rings, I get up immediately!

My experience is that laziness and seeking comfort are easily reinforced. If you don't actively override them, they will become very strong. They will even make you lie down, not study the Fa, or skip doing the exercises. It will then be very difficult to get rid of these attachments.

If you don't let them control you, however, they will disappear. Of course, you may have to go through some hard times to get rid of them.

Master said:

“You need to be strict with yourself even if we allow for gradual progress.”And“You should hold yourself to high standards and raise the bar still further as you practice.” (Fourth Lecture, Zhuan Falun)

Although it may be difficult at first, it will eventually feel natural to exercise in the morning in the same way as you eat or sleep. That is how I broke through my trial and now routinely exercise when I first get up.