(Minghui.org) Now 67, I began to practice Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) at the end of 1998 and recovered from all my ailments.

Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime, started the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999. Instead of being afraid, I became more firm in my belief in Dafa.

Later on, I moved in with my daughter in the city. Because I was not familiar with the area, I thought it would be great if I could meet some local practitioners. When I asked two people in the supermarket if they knew anyone who practiced Falun Dafa, they thought that the person who owned their home did the Falun Dafa exercises.

Meeting the owner was a disappointment, because she was very frightened. Afraid of being persecuted, she did not dare to do the exercises anymore. She said that she knew that Dafa was good and that she had not taken any medicine in about five years, but she owned properties and worried that she would lose everything if she was persecuted.

Photocopying the Nine Commentaries

She gave me all her Dafa books and a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. This was the first time that I’d had a chance to read the Nine Commentaries. I thought that it was well-written and truthful and wanted to make more copies to distribute.

Master helped me find a shop that would make copies of the book. My copy of the Nine Commentaries was smaller than A4-size paper. That meant I would have to cut the pages apart, match them together, and make a master copy before it could be photocopied.

My daughter was worried that I might not know how to do it, so she went while I send forth righteous thoughts for her. While the owner was photocopying the pages, a policeman came in, stood next to the owner to watch for a while, then he left as though he hadn’t seen a thing. After returning safely from the copy shop, my daughter said, “Mum, I was trembling.” I told her, “We have Master and Master will protect us, so there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Once, when the shop owner was just about to finish making copies for us, a police officer came in, stood beside the owner, and asked what he was printing. The owner said that it was a book. The policeman said, “Oh, you know how to print books, too?” I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to make him leave. But the policeman sat at the computer and started looking at it. While he was doing that, the shop owner swiftly put aside all of the Nine Commentaries’ pages. Protected by Master, we were undetected.

After that, mindful of the owner’s safety, I only went to the printing shop after 9 p.m. When the owner was making copies, I sent forth righteous thoughts or clarified the truth to the shop assistant.

The shop owner said that he used to be a reporter and was quite interested in such matters. If not, he would not have helped us photocopy our book. Now I understand why he made an extra copy for himself. He and his wife later quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Delivering the Nine Commentaries to the Senior Citizens’ Home

I live quite near the army grounds, where there are many senior citizens’ homes for the retired cadres. Security there is very tight and there are soldiers on guard, so I was thinking about mailing them the Nine Commentaries. Then Master arranged an opportunity for me. I have a friend whose husband delivers milk, so I went to interview for the job at this friend’s recommendation. However, the boss said that I was too old and I would have trouble climbing the stairs. Over a week later, my friend told me that the boss wanted to see me again as he could not find anyone else for the job. The boss took me around to familiarize me with the delivery route. The first stop was the army grounds, and I thought that this was great.

The next day, the first stop to deliver milk was inside the army grounds. After I got in, I noticed many people coming from the same direction and thought that that might be a meeting room. After that, whenever I went in, I sent forth righteous thoughts towards that room before continuing with the delivery.

When I saw an open door and no one was inside, I placed a copy of the Nine Commentaries in a suitable place and found something to cover it.

When I first delivered milk to one of the seniors’ homes, the soldier on duty did not let me go in and demanded to see my identity card. I said that I did not have one. Just then, another milk delivery lady entered and I asked the soldier why she could go in when I could not. He replied, “It’s just you who can’t enter the place.” I knew that this soldier was being controlled by the evil forces, so I send forth righteous thoughts to get rid of them. I said, “Ok, I will give you the client’s door number and milk order and you can deliver it. Then I won’t need to enter.” He said that he couldn’t leave his post. I said, “In that case, what do you suggest I do?” In the end, he said, “Forget it, just go in.”

There is a small balcony on each level for families to dry their clothes. I used their towels or small clothes to wrap a copy of the Nine Commentaries and place it on the windowsill. Whichever seniors’ home I could enter, I first looked for suitable places to put truth-clarification materials. 

Once, after I finished my deliveries and headed down the stairs, I saw a bag of truth-clarification materials hanging on a doorknob. I knew another practitioner must have put it there.

Master Is Right Next to Us

I often go out to clarify the truth at night. When I went out in 2006, I helped six people quit the CCP and then thought I’d go home to study the Fa. However, I saw three automobiles stopped at a crossroads and thought of helping the passengers quit the CCP. I walked over and asked if any of them had joined the CCP. One of them said that only their leader had joined. The “leader” grabbed me by my wrist and told me to come with him to the police station.

Warning bells went off, so I pulled my wrist out of his grasp, sent righteous thoughts, and asked for Master's help. He grabbed my wrist again, so I asked him where he was from. He again told me to come with him to the police station. I again pulled my arm back. Master was helping me, or I could not have been able to do that as he was rather strong. I walked away and noticed that they looked as if they were frozen.

During the 2005 New Year, I worried that all the photocopy shops would be closed and there would be nowhere to print our materials. I printed more copies beforehand to distribute at the New Year.

On the first day of the New Year, I went out to distribute Dafa materials. I stopped at a shop that sold couplets and handed the person a copy. When he saw that it was about Falun Dafa, he shouted, “How dare you promote Falun Gong!” I ignored him and continued to distribute them in the park. Many people took the brochures, sat down, and read them.

Someone who looked like a government official said, “Don’t leave!” He took out his phone to call the police and I thought to myself that he wouldn’t be able to get through. I saw him keying and dialing repeatedly, but he just could not get through. By this time, many people had crowded around and I told them, “People who practice Falun Gong are all good people. Do you worry that there are too many good people out there? Isn’t it better to have more good people?” The man was still dialing his phone as I left.

I meet all sorts of people when I am clarifying the truth. As I was talking to a migrant about quitting the CCP, a group of policemen was passing by and the migrant shouted, “The police are all CCP members. You can ask them. If they quit the CCP then I will quit!” He shouted like that a few times. My heart did not waver and I smiled and said, “I am doing this for your own good. How can you do that?” It appeared that the police had not heard anything, and no one heeded his shouts, so there was nothing the migrant could do.

When I was encouraging three young people to quit the CCP, one of them hinted to the other to call the police, while he tried to distract me by asking me all sorts of questions. I’d already noticed what they were trying to do but I didn’t panic. I just heard the one who made the call say where we were and to hurry over. I thought that I should leave before it was too late, so I turned away. The person who was talking to me said, “Auntie, don’t go.” I said, “I need to go home and cook.” The three of them seemed to be frozen. Master protected me.

At that time, I had not come into contact with any of the local practitioners. But when I was working in my hair salon, I clarified the truth to an older lady who said that we were on the same path. Now I have found the local practitioners and have a place to study the Fa. After getting to know a practitioner who has technical skills, I even set up a Dafa material production site Now I no longer run out of materials to clarify the truth.

I think that we Falun Dafa practitioners are very fortunate, and no amount of money can buy what we have. At this critical juncture, I will try my best to do the three things well, look inward, and get rid of whatever does not align with the Fa.