(Minghui.org) A few years ago Master gave me several hints when I saw myself hanging on a horizontal bar far above the ground, standing on a tall courtyard wall or a high ladder, or stuck on top of a tall building. I wanted to come down, but was afraid and felt very anxious. Later, I saw myself standing on top of a high mountain from which I jumped, and floated down. My body was light, and I had no fear. About a year later, I realized that Master wanted me to let go of self, and let it go completely. 

After that I wondered, “What is self? Where does the self come from? How does it manifest? How can I let go of self?” These questions niggled at me. 

When I was studying Zhuan Falun early this year, Master's words gave me the answers. I realized that Master's teachings weren't talking only about the human body but also explaining that the disposition, temperament, and personality of a person are the embodiment of the self. Self is mainly composed of two parts: innate, most of which is inherited; and postnatal, that is, formed in ordinary society. 

Since the characteristics of the old universe are selfish, the disposition, temperament, and personality of a person are also selfish. For a non-practitioner, if someone or something agrees with the person's self, they will feel very comfortable, happy, and satisfied. Thus attachments like fame, fortune, and emotion can be sustained. When they are from the self, things like impatience, resentment, competitiveness, and jealousy, etc. will manifest, which are part of demon nature. 

Conflicts often occur between a practitioner and a non-practitioner or among fellow practitioners when working on a project to save sentient beings. The root cause of these disputes is that we cannot let go of self. Letting go of self is letting go of one's disposition, temperament, and personality. 

So how can we completely let go of self?

Master said:

“This higher energy has intelligence and is quite capable. As you gain more of it and it grows denser, it will fill all of your body’s cells and easily inhibit them, since they are weak in comparison. And as this happens, the process whereby old cells are shed and replaced by new ones will cease, since high-energy matter will replace the matter originally making up your cells.” (The Second Talk, Zhuan Falun

From Master's teaching, I realized that when we study the Fa with a calm mind, Dafa's principles continually enrich our mind. Our disposition, temperament, and personality become weaker and less capable. Thus, they can be controlled, suppressed, and gradually and completely replaced with Buddha-nature. 

This is the process of Buddha-nature replacing the evil. It also happens when Dafa disciples assist Master with Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. The unity of Dafa disciples becomes stronger through this process.