(Minghui.org) After I saw everything crystal clear, and realized that I am indeed an extremely tiny particle in the cosmos, I positioned myself below all others. I walk on the street, feeling expansive and optimistic in my heart, and always smile. I just feel joyful. I have a sort of transcending feeling, compared to how I felt in the past. 

Because I have positioned myself low without any reservations, I transcend the conflicts among humans. My body and mind feel a relaxation that I never experienced before. When I look again at people in this secular world, I worry about them, because they are entangled in fame, profit and sentiment, competing and fighting with each other, suffering, feeling tired and hurt, while also hurting others.

The social strata in the human world are not the criteria by which to measure a life. It is not necessary to compete for a higher position, which is temporary in this secular world. For example, in a project that calls for collaboration, you compete to get a higher position, and others have to cooperate with you. What you gain is only a higher position in the human world, but you lower your level of cultivation. This is not worthwhile.

As a cultivator, you rise up after letting go, and you build up mighty virtue in the process of giving with an unselfish heart. You cannot improve if you cannot let go of your ego or selfishness. Practitioners validating Dafa is sacred, but when you do it with the selfish heart of magnifying or validating yourself, what you do becomes your own thing for the sake of yourself, and of course you won't build mighty virtue by doing it.

What kind of practitioners are the most amazing in validating Dafa? It doesn't lie in how high your position is when cooperating with others. Rather, it lies in whether you can let go of your ego, and willingly lower your position to cooperate with others in order to harmonize and validate Dafa. What's most amazing is that you have a totally unselfish heart!

It's often true that the higher one's realm is, the lower one positions oneself, while the lower one's realm is, the more one wants to place oneself higher. Being arrogant is demon nature.

The evil specter of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is arrogant, with no respect for the laws of heaven. It boasts atheism, fights heaven and earth, creates class struggle, and damages ethics and morality. It's influenced by the theory of evolution and the principles it promotes – the “law of the jungle” and “survival of the fittest.” Many Chinese people have become selfish, arrogant, jealous and competitive. They vie with each other, push themselves forward and indulge in conspicuous consumption. They want to be above others and are never content to be below others.

Master's Demeanor: Unassuming

I listened to articles in the collection titled “Recalling Master's Grace.” Many practitioners who attended Master's classes in China shared this common impression of Master: Master is upright, modest and unassuming. He is compassionate, great, and also easily approachable. He behaves totally different from other qigong masters. Other qigong masters dress in brand-name clothes, and always have an entourage with them. They ride in luxury cars, and stay and eat in luxury hotels.

Our Master dressed in old sweaters and old shoes. Sometimes, if he didn't have a change of clothes, he would wash his clothes in the evening, let them dry overnight, then wear them again the next day. Usually, Master rented a room in a small inn, and often walked alone to class to give lectures. Instant noodles were his standard fare, but sometimes he would have a simple meal at a food stand.

One practitioner wrote in his article, “When Master was teaching classes in Guangzhou Province at the end of 1994, one day at noon, several practitioners went to a small cafe for lunch. Master also came in. He saw several bowls with left-over noodles on a table. He kindly asked two practitioners who were having lunch there, 'Is this what our practitioners left?' He pointed to the table. The two practitioners said yes. Master did not say more. He poured all the left-over noodles into a bowl, picked up a pair of used chopsticks and ate all the noodles. He then left.” As the most prominent qigong Master at that time, Master ate his students' leftovers! What a low position Master placed himself!

A Dafa practitioner should always treat others with a humble heart. When one puts himself in a low position, is unselfish and free of attachments, and puts others' interests before his own, he is at the realm of an enlightened being. The beings created by Dafa can let go of everything, including their own life, for the sake of upholding the truth of the universe and saving the sentient beings of this cosmos.