(Minghui.org) I turned 72 years old this year, and am a former deputy chief physician of Otolaryngology.

My legs were often aching in 1996. Doctors diagnosed me with rheumatism, and could not help me. One day I had an x-ray, and the doctor found a triangle area in the femur. Then, at the 3B Naval Hospital, I had a cat scan, which showed a lump in the middle section of the femur. I knew that there was no medicine that could help me. What awaited me was amputation and death.

Thus, I searched for non-medical interventions and worshiped Buddha and gods. I invited the four so-called masters to cure my sickness, but with no effect. All of this cost me a fortune.

Obtaining and Clarifying the Facts about Dafa

Luckily I obtained Dafa in August of 2001, although the persecution was severe at the time.

I visited my old friends in Chaoyang District in May 2017. We used to be classmates. I clarified truth to them and helped them withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. One of them was the Chinese Youth League secretary of my class. She was surprised that I had not aged. She said that I had not changed my looks in 49 years, whereas others had aged.

Master said:

“By doing a practice for both mind and body, you will gain a youthful appearance and look much younger than your years. I was once approached by a practitioner who asked me to guess her age. I would have thought she was in her forties, when it turned out she was almost seventy. With no wrinkles, a glowing complexion, and a rosiness to her skin, she hardly looked like someone approaching seventy. Changes like that are likely to happen when you practice Falun Dafa.” (The Fifth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Relatives Recently Decided to Practice Dafa

After the Chinese new year of 2018, my relatives from four families visited me. They asked to borrow Zhuan Falun, truth clarification brochures and amulets.

The moment they saw me they were excited to find me young looking. They witnessed that Master Li (the founder) has given me a second life.

What an honor it is to be a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. How blessed I am! How can I repay Master’s compassion? All I can do is to study the Fa diligently, look inside, and do the three things well. I must study Master's teachings, so I can understand the deeper meanings of Dafa.