(Minghui.org) I am a 66-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner who has cultivated for 23 years. I still vividly recall the time when I first learned about the Fa}. I was 43 years old back then and had heart, liver and lung disease. I was unable to walk, so I could not take on any household chores or farming work in the field.

When my family took me to the municipal hospital for a medical check-up, the doctor said my condition was hopeless. Since that was the case, they didn’t want to keep me at the hospital and suggested I return home. From the way the doctor looked at me, I could tell that it was hopeless. I was desperate and felt my final day would come at any moment.

At that time, another doctor called me into his office. He told me: “There is no cure for you from the medical point of view. However, there is a practice, if you want to do it, then Master Li Hongzhi, the founder, would take care of your illnesses.” I shook my head, and then told him: “I can’t. I am not well enough to do the exercises.” But he still encouraged me to give it a try.

I stayed at a relative’s home in the city overnight and the next day, he showed me the exercises, but I didn’t manage to learn all of them. The following year, the doctor suggested I attend a nine-day class where I could watch Master Li’s video recordings and learn more about Falun Dafa. So I went.

From then on, I made up my mind to practice Falun Dafa. Gradually, without even realizing it, I became well. I was able to do all of the work I couldn’t do before. From then on, I have been very firm in my mind that I would practice Falun Dafa until the end of my cultivation.

I’d like to share the miraculous stories and experiences in {{truth-clarification that I have had during these past years with fellow practitioners.

Dafa Has Saved My Life Multiple Times

My family and I went to the field to harvest the crops in the fall of 1998. I was responsible for loading the truck. Right by our field, there was a deep ditch and somehow I fell off the truck and into the ditch. Both my husband and my son were petrified when they saw what had happened to me.

My husband told my son: “Don’t move her. She must be dead. Let’s go call for help.” I wasn’t scared, and thought to myself, Master please help me. I must get up. As soon as I had this thought, I was able to get up right away. Then I saw I was uninjured. Both my husband and my son were thrilled. When they offered to help me get out of the ditch, I declined, but rather climbed up by myself. Then I walked over a mile to return home.

I knew Master saved my life! My husband and son witnessed the miraculousness of Dafa. From then on, my son and daughter began to practice Dafa also. Because I was illiterate, my husband read Zhuan Falun to me every day.

One day in the spring of 1999, I was riding my bicycle to the market to do grocery shopping. Roads are quite narrow in the countryside, and with two pedestrians walking on the road, and a tow truck coming towards me, I was so nervous that I fell from the bicycle and landed under the truck.

The driver suddenly braked and stopped. Everybody in his truck thought I would probably be dead. But I climbed out from underneath the truck and was fine, though my bicycle was a total loss.

The driver insisted on taking me to the hospital for a check-up. I told him that I didn’t want to go, as I practiced Falun Dafa and had Master Li’s protection. When his passengers heard this, they were very excited and said: “Falun Dafa is truly miraculous! We want to practice as well!”

What’s more miraculous was that I never attended school, therefore, I couldn’t read. But Master has taught me how to read in my dreams multiple times. Now I have no problem reading any of the Dafa books, such as Zhuan Falun or Hong Yin.

Telling People the Facts about Dafa

From the time when Master changed me from someone who was very ill to a healthy person, he has saved my life multiple times. For that, I wanted to spread the truth of Dafa to predestined people to have them benefit as well. Therefore, I have clarified the facts to people face-to-face since 2000.

We have a farmer’s market every other day, and I go there to clarify the facts to predestined people. One day, while talking to a vendor, I discovered that he was a retired political secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

He mentioned that his wife was bedridden, and her illness couldn’t be healed despite spending large amounts on medical treatments. I then talked to him about how the CCP has committed all kinds of bad deeds, including the Great Cultural Revolution, the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre, and the persecution of Falun Dafa. He mentioned that he knew all about that.

Then I talked with him about renouncing his memberships from the CCP. I also suggested that he sincerely recite “Falun Dafa is wonderful”, which can help with illnesses becoming healed. He was very excited about hearing this and wanted to treat me for dinner. I thanked him, then declined.

In a few days, I ran into him again. He told me excitedly that since they had taken up my suggestions, his wife could stand up by herself. I gave the man a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World, as well as other truth-clarification information. He said he wanted to spread the beauty of Dafa to his relatives and friends, and allow them to learn the truth to be saved.

In March 2018, my nephew invited me to a birthday party at a restaurant. I took this as an opportunity arranged by Master to save people with predestined relationships. I went with only that one goal of saving sentient beings. I prepared various truth-clarification information and brought them with me to the restaurant.

When the dinner was ready, someone at the same table happened to recognize me and asked if I was doing well. Then I began to share my experience of becoming well through practicing Falun Dafa. I talked about the beauty and truth of Dafa. I also told them that through sincerely reciting ‘Falun Dafa is wonderful’ often, one would receive good fortune.

Guests from other tables also came over to listen and grab materials from me. I told them that the CCP promoted atheism, and only by quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations, could one be protected by gods. They responded positively. Since I didn’t know how to write, I asked them to write down the names they chose to quit the CCP and the organizations they were associated with on a piece of paper and then pass them on to me. They quickly did so.

By the close of the day, I ended up with many pieces of paper in my hand from people at my table, other tables and waiters and waitresses of this restaurant. I also finished distributing all of the truth-clarification materials I had brought with me. People who didn’t get the informational brochures at the party even followed me home later to get them.

For the past few years, I have helped many merchants at the marketplace to quit the CCP. When it came to the Chinese new year celebration, I went to every stand to give out truth-clarification calendars, new year celebration paintings and other materials. All of them acknowledged that Dafa was wonderful.

Up to now, more than 100 people from my village know about the truth and renounced their memberships in the CCP. I also didn’t miss those young women who moved out due to marriage. Sometimes when their relatives came to visit from another village, I went to clarify the facts to them as well and help them withdraw from the CCP.

Thank you Master for your saving grace. Thank you fellow practitioners for your support. I will listen to Master’s every word and do the three things well to save more sentient beings.