(Minghui.org) I am an ordinary peasant. My life has been full of hardships, yet it’s legendary. The legend comes from my cultivation of Falun Dafa which enables me to experience many miraculous stories. I would like to share my life stories here and offer the testimony of the wonderful things I have experienced.

Struggles on the Edge of Life and Death

I was born in a small town in Heilongjiang Province. I am the third child among many siblings. My mother was a homemaker and my father was a gym teacher. I was born very weak. People in my hometown said I was the kind of person who attracted trouble; just a minor thing would always bring lots of suffering. My parents thought I wouldn’t live beyond childhood because it seemed that I could die at any moment, yet somehow I survived. They could never have predicted what might happen the next moment.

Since a very young age I could see things that others couldn’t. After practicing Falun Dafa, I understood that it was because my third eye was open. For example, I could tell ahead of time when a guest would come to my house for a visit, where to find things that had gone missing for some time, what would happen in the next few days, and things of the sort. When I went to school, my parents worried that I wouldn’t learn anything as I was often in an semi-conscious state. But I performed well at school. I didn’t study much but I always managed to get good grades. The minute I entered the exam room I would fall asleep. So I usually dozed off for ten minutes then answered the questions quickly. I could also write quickly, which amazed my teachers. All the teachers knew that I was very different: someone with poor health, yet who excelled at school.

When I got to high school, I experienced more health issues. Heart disease, cholecystitis, gastritis, rhinitis, arthritis of the knee, back pain, liver qi stagnation, neurasthenia, cranial nerve spasms, anemia and overall confusion. In short, I didn’t know if there was any disease in the world that I didn’t have! People looked at me with a different expression and my parents could only sigh. I felt like I was a zombie. I had no joy. My constant pain made me feel like a cobweb that could tear at any moment; I had no strength to live and study.

My parents had no choice but to find someone for me to get married to. Although I wasn’t willing to get married, they arranged the marriage anyway and thus one more unfortunate and unhappy thing was added to my life. My husband was a brutal man. He often beat me and verbally abused me, especially after he had a few drinks. I really wanted to die so that the pain of living would end.

But I still lived and the sinful feelings didn’t stop. I gave birth to a son and my husband still beat me. When my son turned ten months old, I couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to run far away. My husband found me and needless to say, he harshly beat me. By then, my parents knew about my situation and let me file for divorce.

The days of getting bruised finally came to an end. I found a job and stayed in a small city in Jilin Province. I was still very weak. I used my savings to buy medicine and was prepared for the day when I couldn’t work anymore. I thought the only reason to live was to suffer. Perhaps after the suffering I would die? I didn’t have an answer.

Dafa Saved Me

One day in early July 1999, I got up around five in the morning. I put on a sweater (because I was afraid of the cold) and went out to a square near my home. I usually never went there. I saw a lot of people doing some exercises there. An auntie who looked kind came over and invited me to join them. She said that this was Falun Dafa, a Buddha school cultivation method that teaches people to live according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She said it had great health benefits but it doesn’t cure illnesses. I said I wanted to learn it. So I joined everyone.

Practitioners happened to be doing the second exercise. I raised my arms for just a few minutes then felt so exhausted that I dropped to the ground. The auntie that greeted me earlier told me to take it easy. During that period of time, I was weak and couldn’t do any work. I could only stand for a few minutes then needed to sit down for a rest. The auntie said not to worry. She suggested that I read Zhuan Falun because I needed to know how to practice cultivation and learn how to be a better person.

I came down with a fever when I started reading Zhuan Falun. I remembered the auntie telling me that Teacher would help to cleanse me, so I tried not to worry about it. When I felt very tired I would sleep a little bit. Then I would continue reading. In three days, I finished reading the book. I went to the practice site again and this time I was able to hold my arms up for half an hour like everyone else.

In about three or four days, I felt light and energetic. I was able to enjoy what I ate and no longer experienced dizziness. I was so excited! I was twenty-five years old and this was the first time I'd experienced something so extraordinary! Falun Dafa is so wonderful! I was not sick anymore! I really wanted to shout out loudly!

Me, the person who was once like a zombie, was reborn! It was the miraculous Falun Dafa that made it happen! I still enjoy every single minute of life that is free of illness!

After several days, I went back to the square to do the exercises, and found it deserted. I lived in a dormitory at the time and didn’t have a television. I didn’t know what happened. I couldn’t find any practitioners. The feeling of loneliness made me cry. Then a message came to my mind: Don’t you have the book? You can do it alone.

I wiped away the tears and began doing the exercises by myself at home. It wasn’t until later that I found out the former Chinese dictator Jiang had created propaganda and lies and slandered Falun Dafa. I made use of all opportunities to tell people what I went through and that it was Falun Dafa that gave me a second life. I told people that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!

Then I went to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa in Beijing. I was arrested and persecuted on five different occasions. But nothing could move me and rattle my firm belief in Falun Dafa. I told the people who arrested me, “I will continue to practice Falun Dafa as long as I have one breath left.”

I remembered a staff member of the procuratorate who told me, “I really admire your firm belief in Falun Dafa. I am sure that Falun Dafa is good from what I see in you. I will go to find you to learn Falun Dafa one day.” I was happy for such a person to understand the truth. It isn't easy in this chaotic situation to distinguish right from wrong. His is a valuable life and he will surely have a bright future.

I would like to try my very best to tell people my personal experience: Falun Dafa aims to save all beings. Don’t believe any of the lies put forth by the Chinese regime. Please listen with a calm mind about what Falun Dafa truly is. You will benefit from it, both mentally and physically. If you are fortunate and take up the practice, you are truly blessed. That is the true meaning of life.