(Minghui.org) I am a 72-year-old practitioner who started cultivating Falun Dafa in 1997. The numerous small incidents along my cultivation path have given me the impetus to improve in levels, step by step.

Memorizing the Fa

I memorized Zhuan Falun in the past. Despite reciting the entire book from memory six or seven times, I remained uncertain of my accomplishment and felt like giving up. I also saw no difference between reading the book and memorizing it. Reading from the book took less effort and similarly enables practitioners to enlighten to the Fa. As I saw little added benefit, I stopped memorizing the Fa for a long time.

A week ago, I read an experience sharing article published on the Minghui website. The author’s experience of memorizing the Fa fanned a spark of inspiration within me, and I resumed my memorization efforts. Because of the frequency with which I had been studying the Fa, I found myself easily recalling Zhuan Falun’s familiar content. In the past, I could only memorize the contents paragraph by paragraph. Now I am able to memorize multiple paragraphs at once. Previously, I took three months to memorize and recite the entire book, whereas now I can do it in a month.

Now I feel that I am constantly following the requirements of the Fa. During family conflicts, I am able to view hurtful comments objectively. Conflicts between fellow practitioners are also more swiftly resolved because I can see and act according to the requirements of the Fa. Each round of memorization produces a new level of understanding and a solid step in my quest to ascend the ladder to heaven.

Elevating in Levels Unconsciously

I took care of my bedridden mother-in-law from 2001 to 2003. Of my mother-in-law’s three daughters, only the eldest one helped out, though over time she became increasingly busy with work and more resentful towards her mother. The neighbors noted our differing attitudes and level of care and spoke up on my behalf when my mother-in-law passed away. “Your sister-in-law sacrificed much time and effort in caring for your mother. She should be given a share of the inheritance.” Adhering to the principles of the Fa, I instantly declined.

This incident created a lasting impression on my husband and he treated me well until recently when I was illegally persecuted by the authorities. Soon after, his attitude toward me changed. He stopped helping out with the household chores and would give me a litany of excuses whenever I asked for help. Whenever I show symptoms of illness karma, he will jeer, “Don’t you have a Master? Why aren’t you well yet?” Each incident tested my heart and mind. Slowly, I came to understand that this is a test to cultivate my speech. In order to avoid creating karma for myself and arousing his negative emotions, I forced myself to stay silent and not react to his hurtful words.

Of course, whenever he makes disparaging remarks on serious issues, such as Dafa and saving people, I would chide him that no one has the authority to comment on the arrangements made by divine beings.

This setback strengthened my diligence in reading and memorizing the Fa, through which I discovered the importance of looking inwards. Gradually, I stopped demanding that he help out and instead did the housework, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning on my own. Now the habit is automatic, and I will always look inwards whenever I encounter an incident.

Validating the Fa through Overcoming Sickness Karma

Every two or three years, Master will clean up my body by pushing large amounts of my illness karma out at once.

Once while doing housework, I cut my thumb badly on our metal mop handle. Though my husband was frantic, I kept calm, cleaned the wound, and wrapped it in a paper napkin. The wound miraculously healed on its own the following day.

In yet another incident, a number of small, clear blisters suddenly appeared on my knees. My husband searched online and told me that this was a very infectious disease that could rot flesh and was easily transmitted through the pus from the blisters. Fearing he too would be infected, he told me not to sit on his stool or lie on his bed. I kept my calm and agreed to his demands. Per Master’s arrangements, the blisters soon broke and then quickly faded away.

My husband’s relatives from far away made arrangements to visit us just as I was experiencing severe stomach discomfort and nausea. They were about to arrive when I felt the urge to vomit. I had clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to them previously and was determined not to let them harbor any bad impressions of Dafa. I quickly sent out righteous thoughts while sprinting to the toilet. After vomiting for a while, my discomfort disappeared and my stomach was back to normal.

Keeping Dafa in Mind Helps Save Others

Every week, I take the opportunity to pay for my groceries with yuan bills that have information about Dafa printed on them. I frequent the fruit and vegetable shop near my home and have clarified the facts to the boss and employees there. Every time a new employee is hired, I seize the opportunity to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa cultivation practice. Probably because everyone supports Falun Dafa, business at that store has been prosperous.

Once, I met a mother and daughter who were selling apples in a stall. I clarified the facts to them while they were weighing my order and handed the daughter a ten-yuan note in payment. I expected to receive three yuan and five cents in change, but the girl gave me four yuan and five cents. I alerted them to the error and returned the extra yuan. Both mother and daughter were impressed by my honesty and felt my actions clearly showed that Falun Dafa practitioners are kind and sincere. Both readily agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

On another occasion while visiting the market, I met a couple selling low-alcohol-content wine. As we had just run out of this wine at home, and because I wanted to seize the opportunity to clarify the facts, I walked over and voiced my interest in buying a bottle. I also told the couple about the goodness of Dafa and advised them to quit the CCP to secure their future. Both did.

The following day, I met a young man walking near the market. I tried to talk to him about Falun Dafa, but he said, “I don’t believe anyone or anything.” At this juncture, a lady from the other side of the road hailed me and said, “Do you recognize me? You bought some wine from me yesterday. That is my son. Tell him what you told us yesterday.” The young man’s attitude instantly changed and he agreed to quit the CCP. This incident left me impressed by Master Li’s detailed arrangements.

In another incident, I met two well-dressed young men distributing flyers on the street. Though I clarified the facts regarding Falun Dafa and they agreed to quit the CCP using pseudonyms, they appeared slightly doubtful of my words. Just as I was walking away, one of them suddenly rushed over and asked me, “How did you know my name?” It turned out the pseudonym I had given him was identical to his own name. This happy coincidence broke the ice between us and we shared a pleasant chat. Both men subsequently gave their wholehearted agreement to quit the CCP.