(Minghui.org) I am 63 years old. Before practicing Falun Dafa, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I used to ask for medical advice everywhere, watch TV, listen to the radio, and inquire about medicines for treating rheumatism. I would immediately buy any new medicine I heard about. I was eager to get rid of the disease.

I had tried countless Chinese and Western medicines, but nothing helped. Instead, I came down with high blood pressure, and breast lumps caused by rheumatism. The medicine caused gastrointestinal bleeding, rheumatic heart disease, kidney disease, and abnormal liver functions. Because of long-term medication, my immune system got so weak that I had to sit around the fireplace in the summer, and could not be in a room with an open window.

This kind of life was only suffering. My family was not rich. My diseases made our financial situation even worse. I was even reluctant to buy a five-cent ice stick for my children. I was heartbroken in those days. Compared to the neighbors’ lives, we lived miserably. I thought about giving up, which would free up everyone.

Falun Dafa Changed My Life

The sixth day of the first month of 1997 is glued into my memory. I went to my third sister’s house to visit her for the last time, and planned to overdose on sleeping pills after the visit. Right after I got in, my sister said to me, “Good timing! Let’s study Falun Dafa. There are dozens of people in the village who study Falun Dafa, a cultivation practice that has a special effect on health and fitness. Look at me, I can walk without any assistance.”

My third sister used to have the same symptoms as I. Right then, I noticed how she had changed.

My sister persuaded me to go to the Dafa practice site. After listening to Master’s lecture for more than two hours, I felt very good and comfortable. That was unbelievable, and amazing! I didn't have to die! I wanted to study Falun Dafa!

I lived at my third sister’s house for five days, and we all watched the video of Master’s lectures. Then, I went back home to check on my children. I rode my bike more than 10 miles, did some chores, then went back to my sister’s house to finish watching Master’s nine-day lecture. I went back home as a healthy person.

After I returned home, the neighbors were surprised to see the changed me. They asked me what had happened. Many people wanted to learn Falun Dafa after hearing my story. I was very happy and set up a practice site at my house. We studied the teachings of Falun Dafa and practiced the exercises together. My entire family followed Master’s teachings. We always put others first and made good spiritual progress.

In 1997, the wheat grew very well. When the wheat is ripe, we cannot use a machine to harvest, but do everything manually. When my husband and I went to the field, we found two people stealing our wheat. My husband shouted at the woman to leave, but one of them ran away with a full barrel.

After my husband and children returned home, before they could unload the wheat, the two sons and the father of the woman who stole our wheat earlier came over to argue with us. They said that we threatened their mother (the woman who failed to steal the wheat).

I thought at the time: “I am a practitioner. I can’t be behave like an ordinary person. If I fight for personal interests, there would be no difference between ordinary people and me! As a practitioner, I cannot fight back. I have to bear it.”

I stopped those two sons and said, “This cart has not been unloaded yet. Bring over your barrel, and let me fill it up. Don’t upset your mother.” After hearing this, the father and sons were embarrassed. They didn’t say much and just walked away.

People who study Falun Dafa are different. Everyone knew that I was not the type of person who calmly left with the short end of the stick before. Thus, given my action, they gained a good impression of Dafa.