(Minghui.org) Before the 2013 New Year, I was arrested and taken to a detention center after I talked to people about the persecution. There were two sections for women and both were crowded. Society is on a downward slide, and people do all kinds of bad things to make money, such as trafficking drugs, stealing, and committing fraud. Some even force young girls into prostitution. I felt very sorry for them.

In the song “Compassion,” Master Li said,

“Because of compassion, I can’t stand to see youSuffer the same fate as the Red BeastHeaven wants to destroy the Red BeastThe Divine calls me to save those who dwell here”(“Compassion,” Hong Yin III)

I realized that I was put in detention for a reason and that I should save the people around me.

People Are Waiting to Be Saved

I did not look down on anyone and treated them all as my sisters. I even shared my toilet paper with those who didn’t have any. Some had no clothes, so I let them wear mine.

At night we were crammed together like frozen fish because there were too many people in the cell. Those who were injured or sick or were troublemakers were assigned to sleep next to me because no one else would put up with them. I treated them kindly and helped them as much as I could. I asked them to remember: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

I talked about the persecution and they all quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. They all knew how wonderful Falun Dafa is. I wrote down what I could remember from “On Dafa,” Hong Yin, and other Dafa books and they read them. I would sing the songs that practitioners wrote. They all liked to listen and sing along. I did the exercises every day and several people learned how to meditate. They felt very comfortable and said that Falun Dafa was good. I would then tell them the facts about the persecution.

Ms. Sun was well educated. I gave her Master’s “On Dafa” to read. The next day she asked me to explain what a Bodhisattva is. I told her my personal understanding. She told me that she saw a Bodhisattva in front of her the night after she read “On Dafa.” She also described how beautiful her clothing and headdress were. I told her that her predestined relationship to Dafa was really great and that Master was encouraging her to cultivate. She was very moved and said that she would start practicing when she was released.

Ms. Chen was a drug trafficker. She worked hard to memorize “On Dafa” and Hong Yin. She also learned how to meditate and her celestial eye opened. She said she would practice Falun Dafa when she was released.

Ms. Mou learned many of the songs written by Dafa practitioners. She was a good dancer so she choreographed some songs such as “Lotus Flowers” into dances. She was able to recite many poems from Hong Yin. When I told her how Wang Lijun sought refuge at the U.S. Consulate, she said she knew because she was in Chengdu at that time. She said the consulate was surrounded by police cars, but no one knew why. She had a deeper understanding than most of the CCP and immediately agreed to withdraw. She said she would find other practitioners and practice after she was released.

Several people came and went. I knew that they all wished to be saved, and I could not easily give up. I used every opportunity to talk to them about Falun Dafa. I told them about my amazing experiences after I began practicing. I told them how Falun Dafa has spread to more than 100 countries and regions. I also told them about the persecution and the forced organ harvesting. I told them that it’s a universal principle that evil will be punished and goodness will be rewarded.

I did not feel depressed during the one year I spent at the detention center. I just treated it as another cultivation environment. With Master’s blessing, I helped more than 100 people withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated associations, including two guards.

I was eventually sentenced to three years in prison in 2014 and transferred to the women’s prison. I was sent to the same cell where I was detained eight years before. Several prisoners were still there. They were surprised to see me again and they were very kind to me.

People there were not allowed to talk casually. Many people sought to have their sentences reduced, so they watched practitioners closely. I treated everyone with kindness. I did not plead guilty so I did not work overtime as the prisoners did. Due to the heavy work, the flesh on their hands was often torn and bled. I made some easy-to-use band-aids for them. I collected cloth strips, cleaned and flattened them, glued them on double-sided tape, and distributed them. They helped relieve their pain.

All of them had kind natures. They witnessed the goodness of Dafa and the kindness of practitioners and appreciated me. This brought us closer together. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil elements that prevented me from saving them. My environment became more and more relaxed, which laid a good foundation for me to tell them the facts.

I would select a person and walk with her to the washroom. I talked to her as we walked. I only talked to one person at a time to ensure her safety. I moved onto the next person when one fully understood the truth and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. I talked to each person in my cell.

Sometimes I met people from other cells and I tried my best to save them, too. I told more than 50 people the facts about Dafa and helped them withdraw from the CCP. I looked for opportunities to clarify the facts again to those who did not understand the first time.

I was sentenced to three years because I did what a practitioner should not have done due to my attachment to family. This left me with great regrets. I soon realized my mistakes and corrected them instead of giving way to depression. I will do everything a Dafa practitioner should do and rectify myself.