(Minghui.org) My purpose for writing this article is to wake up some fellow practitioners, who have the same attachments to the political situation in Hong Kong as I do. The incident in Hong Kong is an attempt by the old forces to destroy us. We should get rid off that attachment immediately, and focus on doing the three things well.

Recently, the political situation in Hong Kong has changed, and my heart has gone up and down with it. I followed the news online daily. I cheered for the movie that exposed the state-sanctioned organ harvesting, the U.S. Senate's Uighur human rights policy action, and the protests in Hong Kong. I completely forgot that I am a Dafa practitioner, a practitioner who is walking on the path towards divinity. I knew it was wrong to have those attachments, but I could not eliminate them.

Master Li has told us explicitly:

“But a practitioner must be able to maintain his composure if we are to save him; failing to do so will likely lead to ruin.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Because of my attachment, the old forces used rotten stuff from other dimensions to fog my eyes—it was sticky and thick liquid in this dimension. I kept wiping it off while reading the news on the computer. After I finished the news, I started to read the Fa. Master's words struck me:

“Human attachments, once active, will lead people to behave irrationally and forget who they are.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”, Collected Fa Teaching, Vol. XI)

When I read the Fa, my heart was attached to the news, and my thoughts were chaotic. I could not continue reading the Fa, so I went to bed. As soon as I lay down, my neighbors began to make loud noises. This meant that my energy field was messed up. In my dream, I went to Hong Kong and joined the protest. All of a sudden a group of men in black showed up at the protest and opened fire with machine guns. I was shot and woke up.

I then realized that the old forces had found my shortcomings. My attachments to the Hong Kong situation were arranged by the old forces a long time ago. They tried to use my attachments as an excuse to persecute me, leading to me getting shot in the dream. If many other practitioners are also attached to it, the old forces will interfere in Hong Kong and ruin many sentient beings, using the excuse of helping us to get rid of our attachments.

As a cultivator who walks on the path of becoming divine, how can I get involved in everyday people's political movements? If a large group of practitioners is moved by the news, then our own celestial bodies will drift away from the right path. How much trouble would this cause us, society, and Master's Fa-rectification? How many sentient beings will be ruined because of it?

Thinking of it, I was deeply shaken. I saw what my attachments to news meant to validating the Fa, saving people, and my own cultivation. I got up, and started to repent by talking to Master in my mind, and then began to write this article, hoping that I can make up for the damage that my attachments have caused.

The positive trend in today's world is the result of Master's immense endurance. It is also the result of truth-clarifying efforts that the practitioners throughout the world have made while facing all kinds of difficulties. And it is the inevitable result of the peaceful resistance in society because of the awakening of sentient beings.

As Dafa disciples, we should maintain our composure, as the end of this period is approaching. We should not be moved by any changes in society. “Free of delusion and doubt” (“Abiding in the Dao”, Hong Yin). Only then can we do well with what we should do as practitioners.