Safe in Perilous Situations Twice Under Master's Protection

I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997, and Master has protected me ever since. 

A friend and I were on a motorbike going over a bridge in 1998 when a car coming from the opposite direction hit us head-on. Both of us flew off the bike. I stood up the moment I landed, checked myself over, and found a hole in my pants by my knee. My friend’s hand bled a little bit, and the motorbike was undamaged. The car driver ran over to us and was very surprised to see that both of us were safe and sound.

One evening in the winter of 2003, my husband and I were heading home with our little child on our motorbike. There was a thick layer of ice on the road. A car with its high beams on came toward us from the opposite direction. My husband instinctively tried to dodge the car, and our motorbike slipped. My child and I flew to the sidewalk. I sat up while holding my child, like had nothing happened, and my husband was also all right. I knew that Master was by my side and always protects me. 

Being Respectful of the Elderly and Being Kind to a Younger Cousin 

My grandmother lived to be over 100. Whenever I visited her, I washed her hair and feet and carefully cut her nails. I was the only one she trusted to cut her nails. After she passed away, I told my elderly uncle and aunt that I would share the funeral costs with them since my father had died. My uncle and aunt paid only a small portion. I had their names engraved on the monument for their dignity. When they accepted the truth-clarification keepsakes, I felt that everything I had done was worth it. 

I treated my husband's family the same way. His grandmother was bedridden because of a stroke. I washed her hair and feet, cut her nails, and helped her until she passed away.

My husband’s uncle got sick and was hospitalized. We visited him, but we weren't allowed to see him because he was in intensive care. I told his son (my husband's cousin), “Don't worry. Please believe that sincerely reciting 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' will bring you peace and protection.” He got mad and said, “How can you believe that? I get annoyed when people tell me this.” Then he walked away. He hadn’t gotten along with his father since his mother passed away years ago. I didn't argue with him, but I asked my husband to stay with him and help take care of his father for a few days. I left some money for him to pay the hospital bill and told him to take care of himself. 

Later on, my husband's uncle was discharged from the hospital. We went back to visit them. I cleaned his house and washed all the quilts, comforter covers, clothes, and so on. It was a long day. I’d already asked my husband to take his cousin to buy him some clothes, and I prepared a meal for his uncle. 

In the evening, his cousin asked me, “Why are you so nice? I have been bullied for years; you are the only person who is sincerely kind to me.” I smiled and said, “Because I study Falun Dafa!” I told him many wonderful things about Dafa. He listened and finally said, “Now I know the truth: Dafa is good and the [Chinese] Communist Party (CCP) is bad. Help me quit the CCP.” After that, he always praised me in front of others: “My cousin’s wife practices Falun Gong; she is the best!” 

When my relatives came to our area to see doctors, I always helped them, cooked meals for them, and went to the hospital to visit them. I also told them the truth about Dafa. Many of them benefited from knowing the truth.

"From Seeing You, I Believe Dafa Is Good" 

I ran a store in 2005. On one occasion a supplier delivered my order and left in a hurry. After I checked the order, I discovered that the supplier had charged me a few hundred yuan less than he should have. So I went to pay him the difference. He didn’t believe me at first. He thought I was there because he’d overcharged me. Then he said, “I have been doing business for many years, but I have never met anyone as honest as you!” 

Later on, he again charged me more than one thousand yuan less than he should have. When I returned the difference to him again, he exclaimed, “Thank you very much! I cannot believe such a good person like you actually exists.” I smiled and said, “Try not to undercharge; we are all doing business and making slim profits.” He was moved, “Fortunately, I have met you. If it weren't for you, no one would ever make up my undercharges.” 

I took the opportunity to tell him the truth about Dafa. He suddenly realized, “No wonder you are so good. I didn’t know how good Dafa was, but now I can tell from knowing you. I do believe Dafa is good.” After learning about the CCP's persecution of Dafa, he quit all his affiliations with the the Party.

A Migrant Worker in the Wind

I try my best to help strangers when they need it. One day in the cold of winter, a middle-aged man was shivering outside my store. He kept looking inside. I opened the door and tried to get him to come in. But he shook his head and said that he was not going to buy anything. I smiled and said, “It’s too cold outside. Come in and warm up.” Once inside, he told me that he was a migrant worker, but his boss couldn't pay his salary. Even though it was almost the New Year, he couldn’t go home. He said he wanted to look for another job while trying to get his boss to pay him. He had three children depending on him at home, and he hadn't eaten in several days. 

I cooked him a bowl of noodle soup and two eggs. When he looked at me in confusion, I said, “Enjoy the food while it's still hot. Don't worry. I will help you find a job, and you will get the money your boss owes you.” As he held the bowl, he burst into tears and said, “I feel like I am home. I don't know how to you pay back for your kindness and assistance.” I told him the facts about Falun Dafa and helped him withdraw from the CCP organizations he had joined. He cried like a child and kept saying, “Thank you very much!” Later, I got him a job at a company that also offered free living accommodations and meals. I bought him some food, arranged for a taxi, sent him to the workplace, and gave him 100 yuan to buy some daily necessities.