(Minghui.org) I first came across Zhuan Falun, the most extraordinary book, at my sister’s house in January 1996. Captivated by it, I wanted to keep reading it, but so did my husband and my second son. We only had the one book, so we had to take turns. Blessings and miracles came our way one after another not long after we started practicing Falun Dafa.

Zhuan Falun Is a Blessing to Our Family

In January 1997, my third son and his girlfriend were hit head-on by a car on their way home. The girlfriend died on the spot; my son lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital with serious head injuries.

My second son looked after him and read Zhuan Falun to him at the hospital. He slowly regained consciousness and said that listening to the reading eased his pain and helped him fall asleep. The pain intensified again when the reading stopped, so we played the audio recording of Master’s lectures for him. He would wake up in pain if the audio stopped playing and pleaded, “Please don’t stop playing it.”

We kept the audio going for him and three days later, the swelling on his face subsided and he was looking normal again. The speed of his recovery was a miracle!

The doctor discovered that his broken bone had not been put back together properly and they needed to fix it, but my son refused to go through with the procedure. One day during an afternoon nap, he felt an unbearable, acute pain where the broken bone was. My younger son wheeled him from his ward to the examination room to get it checked out. Surprisingly, the doctor found that the misaligned pieces of the broken bone had snapped back into alignment, alleviating much of his pain.

That was amazing! Everyone in our family knew that Master had saved my third son’s life, adjusted his body and realigned his broken bone – all because we had kindness in our hearts and did not demand compensation from the driver who caused the accident.

My Feet Scalded by Hot Water

Just before Chinese New Year in 1998, fellow practitioners at our practice site were planning to take a break because everyone would be busy celebrating with their families. I said, “There’s no such thing as a break when it comes to cultivation. We can all make some time to study the Fa and do the exercises at home everyday.” A young male practitioner asked me, “Auntie, can we do it at your house? It’s difficult for me to do it at home because I live in a single-room unit with my wife and child.” I agreed and more practitioners wanted to come to my house, so we set up a regular time. During that New Year period, our practice site was put on hold, but everyone found a way to continue studying the Fa and doing the exercises.

One day, to prepare for the practitioners’ arrival, I boiled some water for everyone to make tea later. I accidentally tipped the whole pot of boiling water on my feet. The top of my feet and my ankles were red, puffy and blistering and very painful. I immediately sat down to meditate and begged Master for help. Slowly, I managed to pull my legs up into the lotus position. By that time, more than half a dozen practitioners had arrived and they were really concerned, “Can you still meditate with your feet like that?” I said firmly, “I will be alright. I am sure of it because Master will be looking after me.”

We meditated for a whole hour, followed by the other exercises, and then studied the Fa. I took a look at my feet and everything looked normal – the blisters had popped and dried up. I put my shoes back on and moved about as if nothing had happened. My fellow practitioners could hardly believe what they were seeing.

The next day, my story was spread around and a senior leader from my work unit visited me at home, “Was it true?” I showed him my feet, and he decided to practice Falun Dafa then and there.

I asked my youngest daughter-in-law, who is a doctor, “From your experience as a doctor, how long would it take to heal from a burn injury like mine?” She said, “A minimum of half a month and it would not necessarily heal over as nicely as yours has.” She also added, “That’s a miracle!”

“I come from Heaven!”

In the second half of the year 2000, I went with some fellow practitioners to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. Due to heightened security, we avoided taking the direct train and chose instead to make multiple transfers and detours.

On this difficult journey, some practitioners became grumpy and complained about our large group of people – over three dozen on their first journey to Beijing – and how we made an obvious target of ourselves. I thought to myself: we are going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and our Master; it’s the most righteous act and the more people we have, the better. Why should we be afraid that there are too many of us? We should not think like that.

My husband and my second son were also with me. I came up with an idea, “We should split up when we get to Beijing. No one should under any circumstances betray their fellow practitioners. Everyone is there of their own volition and you don’t have to let anyone know your name or address. If you are questioned by the police, tell them your name is ‘Falun Dafa disciple’ and that you come from Heaven.”

The group split up into small groups the moment we arrived in Beijing. The ten or so people in my group found an empty spot on Tiananmen Square and sat down to do the meditation. Shortly after we crossed our legs and closed our eyes, we heard police vehicles coming towards us and policemen jumping out, yelling and screaming. They hauled us one by one into the police vans, took us somewhere and locked us up in a house. My husband and I were in a room with eight fellow practitioners. We could heard the practitioners’ cries of pain from the police beating them in other rooms.

Shortly afterward, a policeman came into our room to interrogate us. He quizzed the others at least three times, but never asked me anything. The first three policemen came and went as if I did not exist – they only questioned practitioners to my right and left. The fourth policeman was different. He came straight at me and blurted out, “It appears that you came from Heaven.” I answered without any hesitation, “Yes. I do come from Heaven.” He responded, “You, get out!” So I left without any hassle.

I Would Have Died from My Fall Were It Not for Master

When I was 75, I fell from a high window sill, tearing my trousers and causing a big five to six inch gash on one side of my hips. I could not move or breathe, and felt as if I was about to die. Fortunately, Falun Dafa and Master suddenly came into my mind. I told Master, “Master, I can’t die yet, I still have my mission to fulfill. I can’t leave yet because I want to go home with Master.” My breathing became easier as I talked to Master. I fully recovered in half a month.

Some old friends who were with me when I first fell insisted on taking me to the hospital. I told them that it wasn’t necessary, as I would be alright in two weeks’ time. One of my friends said, “Someone I know had a fall on a flat surface and was in the hospital for three months. To this day she still can’t walk. Especially at your age, you must go to the hospital.” I told them I was different because I had Master looking after me.

My old friends and fellow practitioners looked after me during the day because I did not want my busy sons and daughters-in-law to take time off work. I would not let anyone help me while I tried to shuffle along, holding onto a stool. I washed myself sitting on a stool and even washed my own clothes, but had the younger ones hang them out for me when they came back from work. They told me to leave the housework to them, but I told them not to worry about me because I had Master looking after me.

When the pain prevented me from falling asleep, I listened to the audio recording of Master’s lectures. It usually took me at least 10 minutes to turn or to sit up once I laid down, because I didn’t want to make any noise that might wake up my daughter-in-law in the next room.

My youngest son came to see me every day, and he always said, “You are recovering very well thanks to Master. You are looking better by the day.” I was walking slowly on my own without holding onto anything by the ninth day, and walking normally around the house two days later. My little grandchild was worried, though, “Grandma, don’t go down the stairs!” I said, “Alright, I won’t do it now. I will go down when I can.”

A few days later, an old friend from my hometown wanted to see me, but she was staying at another friend’s for the night and had to leave the next day. She asked if I could go see her. I decided that I would. I live on the third floor and this friend stayed in a nearby residence on the fifth floor. I managed to get there without any issues. A few more days later – 20 days after the accident – I went to the market to meet up with fellow practitioners.

My third daughter-in-law runs a shop. She tells everyone, “My mother-in-law is very fortunate that she practices Falun Dafa. She’s nearly 80-years-old. When she had a fall, a very bad fall at that, we did not have to spend any money and just by listening to Master’s lectures she could walk down the stairs half a month after the accident. That was just incredible! Falun Dafa is amazing. It alleviated her pain, helped us all save some money and took the pressure off us young ones so that we can concentrate on our work. That is such a blessing to our family! Our whole family is extremely grateful to Master.”

My second son told me when he was keeping an eye on me at night, he heard cracking sounds from my bones, which confirmed to him that Master was adjusting my body for me. He said to me, “Mother, at your age, if it were not for Master, you would have not survived the fall. We are also enjoying Master’s blessings!”

Thank you, Master, for giving me a second chance at life. I will not disappoint you, for you have given me and my family so much. I can only repay you by being diligent in my cultivation and doing the three things well that you have entrusted us to do.