(Minghui.org) When I became ill in August 2016, our peaceful family life was shattered and thrown into misery.

It was a hot day so I washed up after making breakfast. I discovered a hard lump in my breast. I wasn't concerned. I went shopping and met a neighbor. When I casually mentioned the lump, she urged me to go to the hospital for a checkup. I went that day and was told I had breast cancer.

My right breast was removed and I was hospitalized for more than 20 days. I was under a lot of pressure because my illness was a huge financial and emotional burden on my family. Everyone's lives were disrupted. My son was so worried about my condition that he couldn't sleep and his work was affected. My husband became very quiet and seemed to have suddenly aged. Not only did my family suffer mentally, but the medical bills strained our family finances. The doctors said I had to go through eight chemotherapy sessions over a six-month period.

I was very weak after the first round of chemotherapy. I kept throwing up and had no appetite. My hair fell out in clumps. I had to sleep with a drip in my left shoulder and a drainage bag under my right armpit. I had to lie flat on my back and I couldn't turn over or sleep on my side. To make matters worse, I had a toothache. The dentist said he couldn't remove the bad tooth because I was undergoing chemotherapy. I was in terrible pain.

After I finished the first chemotherapy session, I told my husband I couldn't take it. He encouraged me to hang on. He wept and begged me to continue the treatments. I told my son and his family to stop visiting me as I did not want them to see how much pain I was in. I later learned that my son secretly wept many times.

My condition got worse after the second chemotherapy session. My mouth was full of ulcers and I couldn't eat. My body became swollen and my husband had to bathe me. Every night I lay in bed thinking: “When will my suffering end? After spending all this money I'm going to die anyway. But I'd rather die than be a burden.”

When I thought about dying, I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my husband behind. He has always been very kind and we've been through a lot. I also couldn't leave my son, his wife and my grandson behind. But, they had already suffered so much because of my illness. I just couldn't endure the chemotherapy treatments. I told my husband and son that I wanted to stop. They disagreed. My son said, “Mom, don't worry about the money. We'll treat your illness even if we have to sell the house. We cannot lose you.”

When I was at my lowest point, a friend suggested I try practicing Falun Dafa. He explained that he'd quickly recovered from a severe illness through this traditional meditation practice.

The following day, he brought the main book of the teachings – Zhuan Falun, as well as Master Li's (the founder of the spiritual practice) lecture tapes and an exercise instruction video. As I listened to the lectures, it felt like a needle was pricking the spot where I had surgery. I began reading Zhuan Falun that night. I forgot about my illness. The more I read, the better I felt. I decided not to go to the hospital for the remaining chemotherapy sessions.

I told my husband, “As long as I'm still alive, I want to practice Falun Dafa.” He knew I couldn't take any more treatments and respected my decision. I went to the hospital and got my drip and the drainage bag removed. I decided to put my life in Master Li's hands.

I kept doing the exercises and reading the teachings and each day I felt better. When I could not sleep due to the toothache, I said to my husband, “Let's study the Fa.” I picked up Zhuan Falun and as I read, the pain disappeared. Within a few days, my tooth was perfectly normal. It was miraculous!

I did the exercises and studied the books every day with my husband. Master kept purifying my body and in no time, I was healthy!

Things are now back to normal in my family. In fact, our lives are now even more harmonious. Once again, I can cook delicious food for the family and take my grandson to school. I'm greeted by my son's cheerful voice when he returns home from work. My husband and son no longer have to worry about me. They're grateful to Falun Dafa for saving my life and restoring our happy family.

Thank you, Master Li! I'll continue to practice and cultivate myself by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I hope that those who have witnessed my astonishing recovery will one day practice Falun Dafa.