(Minghui.org) My daughter Yangyang is six years old and goes to kindergarten. I taught her to read Zhuan Falun when she was three. I would like to share some of her experiences as a little Falun Dafa practitioner. 

Being Kind

I overheard Yangyang's teacher saying to a parent at pick-up, “Your child always hits other children. I have moved his seat several times, but it has not helped.” I remembered that this child was now sharing a desk with my daughter.

On our drive home, I asked Yangyang, “Has the boy who sits next to you ever hit you?”

“Yes, he hits me every day. He also pulls my hair and ears and curses at me.”

“Why haven’t you told me,” I started to reply. But I quickly caught myself and said, “You have very high xinxing. That child is not a Falun Dafa practitioner, so he does not know that he is giving you virtue when he treats you badly. You are a practitioner, so you cannot behave like him. It appears that you were the victim, but you really gained virtue. However, you can explain to him that hitting is not nice.”

A few days later, Yangyang told me the boy had stopped hitting her, and they became friends.

Another time, Yangyang told me another student was upset and crying because they were late for school. She got him tissues and comforted him. I praised her for having such compassion.

Not Being Wasteful

At home Yangyang is a slow and picky eater, so I was concerned she might not finish her lunch on time at school and waste food. I discovered, however, that she almost always finished her lunch on time and even ate food she was not particularly fond of. She told me that many students did not finish their lunch and threw their food away. As a little practitioner, Yangyang knows she should not waste food.

Distinguishing Right from Wrong

It is inevitable for children in China to come in contact with communist ideology. Therefore, it is important for parents to study the Fa with them and teach them right from wrong. Once children know the principles of the Fa, they will know how to judge things correctly.

Yangyang told me she sent forth righteous thoughts during the morning pledge because the lyrics in the communist-themed songs scared her.

Yangyang's teacher recommended a movie to her class. I was surprised when I heard which movie it was. Yangyang said the movie was made by the Chinese government. The message of the movie is that only the Communist Party can save the earth. Yangyang believes the movie is a lie. I asked Yangyang, “Who do you think can save the earth?” She said, “The Creator!”

I was impressed by how a six-year-old child could think on her own and at her resilience to outside pressure. I replied, “Everyone in China used to believe in heaven and respect gods, and the moral standards were high. People in other countries believe in their own gods, too. The Chinese government is making people abandon their gods. Only the Creator can save people. Communism is here to destroy the earth and its people.” Yangyang nodded her head.

Yangyang's teacher often compliments her, telling me, “Your child is mature for her age and so well behaved.”

I read Zhuan Falun with Yangyang every day after school. After Fa study, she does her homework and plays her instrument. She also reads stories on Minghui.org on weekends. 

Dafa gives Yangyang wisdom. She is a very happy child and well-liked.