(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa was first made public 27 years ago. Those who have truly embraced the practice have experienced amazing improvements in their health and have become better people, and more and more are taking it up. Below is a collection of sincere greetings from new practitioners thanking Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, for the blessings they have received and to wish Master a Happy New Year!

A new practitioner from Beijing who began practicing in 2016 expressed her gratitude for the blessings she’s received. Her family members get along well and were in turn blessed after renouncing their membership in the Chinese Communist Party. Co-workers were pleased to work with her and learned to be considerate of others. She tells people how wonderful the practice is while she takes public transport. She wrote, “My life is perfect and it's all because of Falun Dafa and Master's teachings.”

A new practitioner in Macheng City, Hubei Province, who is nearly 70 years old, observed his family practice Falun Dafa for 27 years. He grew to respect the teachings, and after reading the “Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Conference” decided to become a practitioner, too. He and three generations of his family sent their heartfelt greetings to Master Li and promise to be worthy disciples.

A new practitioner from Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, wrote: “I'm truly fortunate to have started to practice recently. A friend asked me to read the main book of the practice, Zhuan Falun, before the persecution started. I saw Master coming down on a cloud when I opened the book. While I did the second exercise, Embracing the Wheel, I felt a warm current go through my hands. But I soon stopped practicing. Master, you did not give up on me. Other practitioners encouraged me when I became unwell. I'm now serious about the practice. Every time I study the teachings with other practitioners, I can feel Master cleansing my body. Thank you, Master, and Happy New Year!”

Three new practitioners in a village in Weihai City, Shandong Province, and their family members wished Master Li Happy New Year. One of them wrote: “I am 67 years old this year. I'm a farmer in Shandong Province. I leave home at dawn and come back at sunset. I thought my life would go on like this, uneventfully, until misfortune fell in June 2019. I suddenly developed severe double vision. I felt weak, broke out in a cold sweat, and my stomach hurt. I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia, benign prostatic hyperplasia, sigmoid carcinoma, peritoneal metastasis, brain metastasis, peritoneal effusion, pelvic fluid, and cerebral infarction. My condition worsened during my stay in the hospital. I was tortured by the never ending pain in my spine and could not sleep at night. Eventually, my stomach swelled up like a big balloon. I could not expel the gas or defecate. I could not eat anything, either. I lost hope when the doctors said there was no cure.

“Fortunately, several of my relatives practice Falun Dafa. They told me to recite, ‘Falun Dafa is wonderful’ and suggested I listen to tapes of Master's lectures. I acted on their advice in the hospital and my spine stopped hurting. I had a good night's sleep. Two days later, my stomach was no longer bloated and I could defecate. More than two months have gone by now, and I feel better every day. I can do some housework now.

“I am truly grateful to Master for my condition today. My friends and family saw the changes and said that Falun Dafa is indeed miraculous. Some even wanted to take up the practice themselves. My whole family now practices Dafa. We learn from each other how to apply the teachings in our daily lives. Thank you, Master, for giving me a new lease on life.”

A group of new practitioners in Chongqing who come together regularly to read the teachings sent in this greeting: “We study the teachings once a week. Some of us used to practice other religions. We are teachers, managers in state enterprises, agency employees, and so on. We've seen each other change and our character improve since taking up the practice a few months ago. All of us have experienced how wonderful the practice is. No matter what we encounter, we will continue to walk this path unwaveringly. Thank you, Master! Happy New Year!”

A new practitioner from Beijing wrote: “A practitioner told me about Falun Dafa in the past and I quit the Party, but I did not become a practitioner. I subsequently endured so many ups and down and had many questions. I found the answers after reading Zhuan Falun. I am now reading the teachings and doing the exercises. I try to tell people about Dafa whenever I can. I know I still have a long way to go and that being a good person is the starting point. My life is like a play in which I will cultivate. I know improvement comes bit by bit. Thank you, Master, for teaching me the Fa.”

Other well-wishers come from the following provinces: