(Minghui.org) Big data surveillance has become such a part of everyday life in China that most of us just ignore it. It may seem that tracking personal data is not directly related to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) surveillance and persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. However, we shouldn’t overlook it. 

The CCP can easily get a hold of data from a property management company or software company. These companies may have already colluded and cooperated with the Party to monitor the public. We should pay attention to this and avoid being taken advantage of by the CCP.

Phone App Provides Suggestions

Lisa installed a food delivery app on her cell phone. One day, she was talking with a friend about what to eat for lunch. After she said that out loud, the food delivery app immediately provided a few recommendations. Even something as simple as a food delivery app is monitoring our daily conversations.

Past Hotel Record Tracked 

Samantha went to the police station to get a certificate of a “no criminal record.” While the officer was checking her information online, she looked at the monitor and saw that the hotel where she and a female colleague had stayed while out of town was listed on her record. The colleague’s name was also listed.

Residential Community Entry Badges Monitored

One of my colleagues went to the community office to get an entrance badge and overheard a conversation between a resident and the property manager. The resident had lost his badge and wanted to get a new one. The manager checked online and said, “You used the card to open the door just the day before at such-and-such time. How did you lose it?”

The community badge is assigned to a specific person and is always monitored. The property management company keeps track of when the residents return home or go out. This also explains why the property management company requires the entrance door to be closed at all times.